Donald Trump says that the conversion of General Motors to "electric" cars does not work


Following criticism from different parts of the United States, from citizens to the White House, announces that up to four production plants will be closed on US soil and that up to 15,000 jobs have been executed, General Motors decided to set up some of the most successful models to focus on the development of a wide range of electric vehicles.

Now last year, MG plans have been published for the launch of up to 20 different all-electricity models for 2023 to comply with the strict rules regarding the zero emissions in countries such as China, and today the action method is expected by the US group.

But the president Donald Trump said Thursday that the decision by General Motors will not make its whole range prosper. With this confirmation, Trump purchased the commercial director of the organization, Barra Barra, in an interview Distribution: "They have changed the overall Motors General Mod. They are all eraser, and all electricity does not work. It's great to be a percentage of its range, but when I go into this module, I'm going to do it; think it's a mistake"

In addition, he repeated a number of boards that GM should impede the decision to close a production center in the North East of Ohio, which is likely to be be crucial before the 2020 president's election. After this conclusion, General Motors fell by 1.4% on its; stock market from Thursday.

When I ask an American group about that closure, GM stated that he has recorded that the planting of plants will be completed so that employees can vacancies in other plants. "We will continue to & # 39; Doing bigger cars today for our customers because we move to insight into a world of disasters, zero emissions and zero"

In terms of free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, Trump suggested that it would be very uncomfortable for GM cars to be built outside the United States. "I do not like that that General Motors does, it will not be handled well", he finished. This agreement, signed by Trump on November 30, has not yet been agreed by the United States Congress.

The Democratic Party argues that changes that may require changes to prevent both GM and other makers to be able to; Continue to do a lot in Mexico. GMotors have not considered trying to stop his plans to make a new Chevrolet Blazer SUV on Mexican soil.

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