Doncic resigned to Dallas in the last quarter


Doncic had a show in the last verse. Many Slovenian fans were watching their & # 39; game, who lasts in Texas until Wednesday, when they meet Miami. Picture: Reuters

Damian Lillard (30 points, 6/11 for three) made 16 points third quarter, while Portland was near to # 39; win against Rodney Hood (81:96) ten minutes before the end. The next basket did not reach the guests' game just 34 seconds before the end. Dallas finished the game with the result of part 21: 5. In the last game of his & # 39; game, Lillard lost the game.

Doncic played the last verse
Dončić was on the ground for 38 minutes, played the last quarter. He went to his double friend (28 points, 9 concepts and 6 pods). The best Healthier athlete in the year has been trying to scratch the version when the Mavericks got 14 pounds apart.

Thanks to Doncic, Dallas also has the potential to break the gap between the eight in the West in the new image. Picture: Reuters

He started with progress, and then sent him two other awards. Two and a half minutes before the end of the siren, he took over Dallas from the end of his first season (99:97). Lillard shouted with two free throws, but Doncic responded promptly to disassemble. Maurica Harkless shot free after 102: 99 minutes and half by the end.

The Ljubljana player lost the last two goals from the difficult place, but Portland only reached two points, and CJ McCollum finally hit the 34-second result before the end. Terry Stotts, the guest coach, was not surprisingly giving a minute minute for the final attack when the guests had nine seconds to complete a visit. Lillard reached the target after entering but it was not right.

I usually do not decide that Luka would have a & # 39; play the last quarter. When we returned after 15 points, this is the right time. We did not get the chance to win it.

Rick Carlisle

The first half started with a picture, and finished by triple
The Dallas preliminary petition is completely mixed after a number of changes. In addition to Doncic, Jalen Brunson, Tim Hardaway Jr., Dorian Finney Smith Smith and Maxi Kleber started their work. After a miniature play, Dončić saved many penalties to the left behind Jusuf Nurkić. In opening ceremony, none of the teams failed and after 12 minutes the guests did not have much direction (25:24).

In the first five minutes of the second season, Dallas did not make it quick and the Blazers kept his control. game with result 14: 1 (26:39). Doncic let the gap down a few minutes before opening behind a three-step. Portland had ten points at the first half (47:57).

Damian Lillard clarified in the third quarter when he put up to 21 points, but in minutes he placed the same point for free throwing. Picture: Reuters

Simultan Lillard in the third quarter
Harrdaway was in the third quarter and the guests were 67:67 the same. The third part of the game was decided at the same time at the Lillard, which split 16 points apart in the half three minutes. He scored four triples and Portland got a great benefit (78:92). At the beginning of his last verse, Hood was still a benefiting from the guests (81:96), and the Blazers were totally defeated and Dallas hit the 26th in the season.

Scenes: Wrong conclusions at the beginning of months
"We lost a few feet, we lost some members and we took a set of wrong conclusions at their main game appraisals. Dallas players are worthy of praise, in the last quarter they would be able to. playing with lots of energy, "he explained Stotts coach.

Mavericks is in the middle of a timid schedule, because they wait for a Monday in Houston.

Magic Wellson, Allen Iverson, proprietor of New England Patriots Super Bowl, Robert Kraft, and Michael Rubin, co-owner of Sixers, at the Wells Fargo Center. Picture: Reuters

Sixers put over Lakers
Philadelphia sent LA Lakarse by 143: 120. Joel Embiid was not incapable, adding 37 points and 14 concepts. Tobias Harris went into the team quickly after he came from Trailers, put 22 pounds on it. Kyle Kuzma started in the opening ceremony when he started; He left so many 23 points and had a point in Jezerniki after 12 minutes (39:40). Sixers completed their first half by 19: 6 part-time and returned with nine-point benefits (76:67)

In the second half, the guests did not increase but their leadership, Lakers protection was very bad. LeBron James came to the two triple friends (18 points, 10 revival and 9 pods), but the mountain was poor. Magic Johnson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Watching her game too, was not satisfied with her & # 39; achieved. The followers of Philadelphia followers say "Kobe is better!" Every time James lost the target.

Waiting for magic without Davis, the path will end the thorn
"In fact, we wanted to take Davis and our plans are still in the summer. Many of the top football players are free of charge and they certainly want one of them. Now let's go on, Thursday boys in Boston showed a big show. Our goal is, indeed, the end. We all work for the same goal, "said Johnson, who would like his team to be Ben Simmons.

Lakers are in the 10th place in the West (28 impacts and 28 losses).

Major events of Doncic against Portland

Sunday Games:
Doncic 28 (9/20 out of a game, 4/10 for three, throw 6/8 free), 9 rebounds and 6 delivery) in 38 minutes, Hardaway Jr. 24, Powell 13, Finney Smith Smith 11 and 6 resembles, Kleber 9, Burke 8, Brunson 5, Nowitzki 3, Na Hearadh 1; Lillard 30 (10/23 from the game, 6/11 for three), Nurkić 18 (9/11 from the game) and 10 concepts, McCollum 14, Layman 9, Hood 8, Collins 7, Harkless 5, Se. Curry 4, Amin, Leonard and Turner after 2.

Embiid 37 (12/16 to a game) and 14 concepts, Harris 22 (3/5 for three), Redick 21; Kuzma 39 (14/21 out of game, 5/8 for three), McGee 21 (10/15 of the game) and 13 concepts, Ingram 19, James 18 (8/16 for three ), 10
jumps and 9 throws.

Bagley 32 (10/15 from the game), Hield 18, Fox 17 and 9 podaj, Bogdanovic 14; Booker 27 (3/5 for three), Jackson 18, Ayton 16 (8/10 from the game) and 9 rejections.



Monday Games:

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