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News Agency / NOWnews

(Press Group Reporter Gu Yu, Taipei, 21st) Government spokesman Yuan Kolas said the government had not been the lead to the launch of the East Olympics referendum, He asked the players "calmly." After the referendum, the Chinese Olympics are a host that has a " decide how to deal with the referendum results. The government responds to its views. public and respect for the rules of the International Olympics.

Xu Shujing's bilingual winner, the badminton player, Zhou Tiancheng, the Yang Junyi sprinter and many other athletes to the Sports Department today have been going to go to. opposing the referendum on Donga. According to United Daily News, Du Taixing, the secretary of the Olympic People's Association, said that athletes could be scared to be given by the government and chose to be quiet, but today it is It is essential that everyone listens to the voices of sportsmen.

In this regard, Kolas Yotaka said that the government has never been in the referendum leadership and has never been able to "set" the players by & # 39 ; hindering the players. Following the referendum, China's Olympic Games are the main body to decide how to deal with the referendum results. The government is constantly expressing many times, and respecting it; reveal Taiwan's public opinion free of charge, and respect the rules of the International Olympics and its; protecting participants' rights.

Kolas again emphasized that he was a democratic and cheaper country; in Taiwan. The referendum is the right of the people. The government holds a referendum by law. It's not a & # 39; accept any circumstances of any referendum and respect the result of any referendum.

Kolas said that the Chinese Olympics or the International Olympics of independent private units, and the government can not always block the relevant group work of the Olympic Games. Therefore, despite the result of the referendum, the Government can only now produce a referendum results; Lead Committee to move to Organic and then move to Chinese Olympics. The Government can not respect the handling of the Chinese Olympic Games and for the relevant supplies of the International Olympics. Intervention, so there is no pressure, the government's position is to protect its & # 39; to participate in international competitions. (Editor: Lin Weifeng) 1071121

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