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Dongzuo died China HNA, without wealthy businessman, supervisor China News

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Co-operative businessman China Guo Wengui and former commander of Trump, Bannon, a news conference in New York cooperated to find the truth for the death of Wang Jianzhi, who chaired the Chinese HNA Group. Guo Wengui stressed that many people in China were losing, arresting and disappearing in secret. Bonnan was also told Guo Wengui. The next thing, Guo Wengui's investment of 100 million US dollars, about 3 billion Taiwan dollars, to investigate these Chinese murders.

Guo Wengui, a Chinese industralist without a Chinese who had been scanning news in the United States, has again put pressure on the President of China Xi Jinping, who is vice president of Wang Qishan. He was suspicious that he did not; He can be chairman of a Chinese HNA group, Wang Jian's death, away from the Chinese government. The relationship, and the same level, Guo Wengui, who was the leading policy maker at White House, said that hundreds of people and hundreds of people, many of China and their relatives, were caught missing, or property B Bongong used to be a director in Trump. Although he was not happy at the end, Bannon continued to taking into account the international situation of US China.

Guo Wengui invested 100 million US dollars after its news conference, about 3.1 billion Taiwan dollars to establish a base, Bannong as unpaid salary chairman to investigate all Chinese vandalism, Guo Wengui, who does not swear, always the Chinese government. The New York Times said Beijing was using billions of dollars as a reward, and wanted to send Guo Wengui to the United Arab Emirates the name of a commercial argument by means of a peak; Republican Party, and then he passed to China for healing. In month, Hong Kong High Court has a wealth of $ 34.3 billion worth of Guo Wengui frozen under the Organized Order and Offenses. Chinese government aims are clear.

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