Donna Mikey raised the rising star, very shy


Donna Donna, star hero rises I'm very happy – I want to be full. (Clip)

Look, what should be the truth? For many talented players such as DJ Ekkai Ekachai, who look at the features, they are very pleased with the new young hero, such as Young In Sarinnornkiat or Dad, who added to the drama Thong Thong Mo Ya Tha Chalong.

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About the last shape DJ Ekkee Be as full of weight. When you post pictures and clips in the Sarin with a lump that says

"Tonight, having a desire for my dad, add her most of it. @ Click on, click on the screen. Oops! Chaba's love with @kimmy_kimberley But less than dad, put uh! My mother is very enjoyable. @ Ohnsri1000 The organizer, I want to play drama about my dad.

"Here!" Leela, the Father added to him, made Phu Pha and Nong In Spaghetti. It's amazing! It's necessary to eat food, uh …. Look !! @inpitar @ ohnsri1000 #The #Robber brothers are beautiful @ @ hye.bkk "

"Smile, Phu Pha And his father added, very charming And this is the answer. @ Ohnsri1000 works well. Will @ hye.bkk"

Ask Ekkie Do you want to be with me? Turn the camera to Ekkee. This work is done by Ekkee, even to laugh, and to; laugh, very careful.

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