Donnie Yen is happy to work with Jet Li


Jet Li and Donnie Yen in the "Gaisgeach" film 2002 (Picture: Rìoghachd Kung-fu).

Mulan Disney has fined filming in New Zealand. Donnie Yen took a selfie picture by Jet Li, who was an artistic star star and shared on social networks. He is very happy and lucky to work with Jet Li.

Although this is not the first time the two have worked together, they have been in & # 39; co-operate with the movie singer for the first time Hoang Phi HongDonnie Yen is always proud of her. Before Mulan, they worked together in the film Hoang Phi Hong In this movie, Donnie Yen plays a man.

In 2002, the second film film worked with the photographer Hero And the third tour in 2009 by Kien Quoc UniversitySouth Westerly

Donnie Yen is happy to work with Jet Li - Picture 1.

The latest picture was given by Donnie Yen. (Photograph: J.Star)

This is also the second time to see Donnie Yen sharing photos with Jet Li on social networks. Last September, he shared a picture with Jet Li and Wu Jing. At that time, this action of the anti-star Ip Man It is expected that there will be truth or not between the three.

Long, when the film War 2 As director, Wu Chun received good ideas, again, the relationship between this star and Donnie Yen seems to have moved. Depending on the truth, the two are not in a covenant and this difference comes from Donnie Yen. The truth is that the artistic star star, Truong Ngoc Ngu Kinh Kinh, is a very horrible young man in sight. Donnie Yen is "ugly", "horn with his youngsters", "no respect for him" (especially Jet Li), or Donnie Yen "too successful" …

Donnie Yen is happy to work with Jet Li - Picture 2.

The photo was shared by Donnie Yen on Weibo in September 1977.

Donnie Yen mourns that he has so many negative sounds and Wu Jing has existed, and in fact, there is nothing like the truth in a real world.

By sharing on the Weibo page, a photo taken by Jet Li and Wu Jing at the time, wrote Chou Zan: "Today it's sunny and I share this picture We're together again. " With this image, consumers commented that Donnie Yen really refused a truth about his unexpectedly with Jet Li and Wu Jing.

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