Don't you believe the Chinese? Even today you can make a phone in Germany –


Even 10 years ago, the use and collection of mobile phones in EU countries was common practice. Phones were made in Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Germany and other countries. Over time, however, the output was declining, sometimes refurbished factories were closed and production capacity transferred to Asia. In China, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam today, most of the production is done.

If you are not confident in the materials made in China and other Asian markets, you still have the opportunity to “buy by moving to move by removing” the islands. " Gigaset GS280 German is imported at Made In Germany, which was introduced at MWC at the end of 2019 in Barcelona. The brand, known specifically for the DCTA smartphones, is performed in Bocholt and has a high quality quality.

Gigaset GS280 is a medium-wired device with a full-HD HD-4 display full of slope, Snapdragon processing 430, 3 + 32GB memory, 16Mpx camera and 5,000 mA battery. The system is used for Android 8.1 Oreo. The phone starts to sell in European markets in March for 249 euros (circa 6500 CZK), the manufacturer ensures that a new exhibition is replaced by the three months after it has been purchased. . Gigaset phones are also spread regularly to the Czech distribution.

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