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An exchange rate there Mexico It was a lower trade this Friday, among investments about investing. continually declining all over the world and without signage trade conflict between The United States and China go to a solution

An dollar he was trading today at 19,060 Mexican pesos At 9:15 local time, a lower level with 0.11% compared to 19,083 units at the end of the previous session, according to figures from the central bank of Mexico (Banxico).

Peruvian exports will grow faster in seven years

Roof itself: They maximize the value of social housing prices to S / 105 miles

European Commission cut quickly on Thursday to predict the economic growth in the & # 39; barley zone for this year and next year, to frustrate the fear that the global hauling is spreading to Europe, long & do companies and investors deal with trade frigates.

Michael Hewson, a CMC Markets Inspector in London, said that Larry Kudlow's economic advisory words were not supportive of the markets, which said trade negotiations between the United States and China had to influence differences still. substantial

The US president Donald Trump said Thursday that he is not expecting to meet the Chinese company, Xi Jinping, before the March 1 date is set up by the two countries to reach a trade agreement.

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