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The team was led by Diego Armando Maradona who defeated Juarez 2-0, The first part of Mexican indigenous duplication decisions, to move to the first section.

Derrot 2 to 0 to Juarez Dorados Gan and is increasingly closer to the rise The team was led by Diego Armando Maradona to " defeated Juarez 2-0, for his first leg of the Mexican original route, to move up to his / her; first section. The team was led by Diego Armando Maradona who defeated Juarez 2-0, The first part of Mexican indigenous duplication decisions, to move to the first section.

The Litoral

El Dorados from the second Mexican football division, led by Diego Maradona, took an important step in attacking his / her. A final of the Ascent MX to get 2-0 at home in the & # 39; first leg of the second competition.

The "Big Fish" was once again showing its extraordinary physical and emotional moment as the leader of the episode of the regular level, Juárez FC, It may have a wider impact on the first duel of the series.

The aims of his game

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"I'm happy with the product at home, but we have to leave with the idea of ​​winning in the event," said Maradona at a press conference after her & # 39 ; game. "We have to try to have more pressure," he said.

The Argentine "Ten" team built a rent from home at the beginning. First, through the stopman. Argentine stripper, Jorge Córdoba, screwed with headaches (12 & 39s) after corner break.

Doras was slightly higher. However, from the score, Juarez launched the attack and, without being able to gasp Servio at his, wizard, suffering more, then finished several times.

But the locals grew strong in the lawsuit. In a swift movement, Raúl Sandoval, 18, received a great deal (26 & 39) with his / her; left leg and it was likely that the duel had hit those who were over Maradona.

Indeed, the Argentinian stole the profile of the cameras, to mark the goals of his team with euphoria. Initially, moving to the sky, and then with dancing and great joy, always with his assistant and heroist Luis Islas.

However, their game had no major events after the ambition. Dorado held the result of his response to Juárez to help him not be so urgent. become clearer than an offense.

The gold team could extend the score at the end of the game, when Juarez tried to play in the attack to mitigate the target, but he did not. It was the best night; of Vinicio Angulo eacuadanach, a figure of the semester in the "Big Fish", which was inconsistent.

"We're trying to win Saturday, as we do in every court, it is another destination: the person who does not want to play it; staying at home, we're not convicted by the result of his first leg, "said Maradona.

At the helm of the previous Napoli player, the Sinaloa players have continued very positively since they came to Mexico in September and the balance is now eight wins, two drawings and one loss .

"I do not (José) Mourinho, I'm Diego Armando Maradona, and how they can see me, with the Dorados cap, that is what I'll be, I will greatly affect my family member and the people who came to court, "he said. 58 year technical technology. "We can lose or win, but we can not be afraid to know what has been done to achieve this," he said.

There would be no loss for Dorado's visit to the border. There would be a drop for more. The new link or success in the Juarez court Sinaloan team would continue without major problems.

However, despite having the chance to become a championship for the MX Ascenso is becoming increasingly clear, only one team is quarterly; gives his first Mexican football division. The square is defined by the campman of this juniper and the next one.

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