Dotions closed: At 16.00, most people in Kobilje vote, the highest participation in urban towns in Slovenj Gradec


In local elections, today's day is taking place in 212 towns throughout the country, 626,855 people or 36.85 per cent of the election beneficiaries vote to 16.00 hours. There was lower participation in urban towns – 32.82 voters electing their votes in 11 towns throughout Zodiac.

The highest interest is 16.00 among 212 towns, with 1,701,015 elective electors in the town of Kobilje, where it was 70.53%. In the Sveti Andraž towns in Slovenske Gorice, something was over 64%, the Holy Trinity in the Slovenske Gorice was just under 64%, and Cankova 62.37%. Those who were the ones lower in the Vojnik town, which was 24.85%. It was below 27% in the towns of Brezovica, Jesenice and Komenda.

In urban towns, the highest unemployment rate was up to 16.2 hours in Slovenj Gradec, at 43.42%. Followed by Koper town with 39% participating and Ptuj with 38.5% partnership. The towns were lowest in towns in Kranj, where 29.01% of voters were planned, and in Ljubljana, where it was 29.86%. In Murska Sobota there was 37.5% in Nova Gorica 36%, in Novo mesto and in Maribor, about 35%, in Velenje 32% and in Celje 31%.

In the 2014 local elections, there were 1,717,429 electors ineligible, and 551,556 to 4pm votes. With this, 32.12% had access, and in urban towns, It was 26.14%, they put the Ministry of Business aside.

99 breakdown information

Today, 99 Ministry of Interior Ministry press releases received the voting accident by 16.00 hours, which started Friday at midnight and was present today at 7pm. For 53 notices, they found that this did not break a poll silence, they were concerned about issues that have already been considered.

Depending on the notices received, the Inspectorate of the Slovakia for Admissions Issues deals with 46 cases, which suspects them to respond; preventing the election accident. Most of the issues will be done; dealing with bids for social network calls, advertised by leased vehicles with leaflets, and sharing articles in mail boxes, she said Irena Likar from the Interior Ministry.

Report harassment of a disease
Any vote of voters was banned through the voting accident. Breach of the disaster may be reported to emergency services Intelligent Investigators at the number 080 21 13South Westerly
For a breakdown of the elections, the election campaign organizers, between 150 and 600 euros, have a donation of 700 to 3,000 individuals for the responsible party of the election campaign and from 150 to 400 euros per person.

On Saturday, there were 38 breakdowns on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m., 22 of them were handled. Then they got 50 others today at 7:00 p.m., and 29 were noticed, Likarjeva added. In the first round of local local elections 2014, together, on Saturday and Sunday, 209 bankruptcy messages submitted for the sake of a selection.

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