Doubt builders have set up previous plans


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – M & M man and his wife M Nurhadi and Sari alias Abdullah Fitri Setiawan Shower Saturday (11/17) night. Before Dalfi died in Nurhadi's hands, he and his wife spoke to the plan murder no.

In conversation, Nurhadi and Sari said that code & # 39; Gap. According to the two in the video found, Tha & # 39; Gap & # 39; which means damaging.

"The gap is expected to be injured," Nurhadi told researchers on the video received by on Thursday (7/22).

Code & # 39; Gap & # 39; at Nurhadi safely from his head. His wife, Nurhadi, said that the code & # 39; Gap & # 39; which means damaging Dupi and the objects and cars.

Although he understood each other about the code, Nurhadi said he had never done so.

"It's never been," he said.

At the same time, Nurhadi's wife, Sari, gave information about the incident when both decided to finish Dufi. Firstly, the name was Sari on Friday night (16/11), saying he was going to go to # 39; meet.

After calling for him to call for Dali, he invited Sari to debat him to defeat Dupi and capture the Toyota Avanza car. After thinking, Sari agreed to Nurhadi's plan.

"That means in & # 39; Gap, I think my understanding has fallen, you know," said Sari.

The purpose of the Dufi murder plan is a financial position. Sari said they were selling the Dubhfi car.

"In the light of my financial ideas, he gave him a car, it will be sold for business," said Sari.

Eventually, Dufi came to a house with a Sari rental. When he was alone with Sari, Nurhadi machete thrown into Black Black. The Machete took hold of Sari's hand and damaged him.

After that, the passive body was placed in a blue plastic drum and was placed in the Kembang Kuning business district, Narogong Town, Klapanunggal District, Bogor Regency, Sunday (11/18).

After that, Nurhadi was arrested near the motorcycle laundry industry behind Gebang Town, Bekasi, Sunday, at 2:30 a.m. WIB. It is also known that Nurhadi lives in Bekasi.

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