Douwe Bob has a new friend


Douwe Bob the Edison was in the "Pop" section for the album The Shape in In. After getting to & # 39; wild pneumonia, he thanked everyone who helped him and is close to him. He also had a good word for those who had: "My ex, did not appear, without her record." Then to continue with: "And my love to preserve my heart"

The previous relationship was from the singer's writer; running on the rocks at the beginning of 2018. Afterwards, Douwe Bob told several interviews: "At the end, it was related to illness, in the way that I built my world around it, it started to good, but eventually it became negative, I wanted more of her.

The break-up at this time made a lot with the singer. "I'm still sleeping with her thoughts and getting awakened," he said last November.

It is still unknown who is the new friend of the singer.

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