Dow Jones celebrated his best day for more than two weeks ::


Dow Jones received his best day for more than two weeks

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The US markets started the week with a strong rise in the face of a backdrop to appreciate the stock of some of the difficult technology companies following the sharp decline of the week, CNBC reports.

The blue blueboard Dow Jones business average He added 354 points to its value and reached a rate of 24,640.24 points, which marked the most strong growth in two weeks. Overall measurement S & P 500 advanced with 1.55% to a degree of 2673.45 points. The Technology Mark Nasdaq Composite also ready in green boundaries with a growth of 2.06% to a degree of 7081.85 points.

Book of Scotland Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google parent company, Alphabet, rising by at least 1%.
Last week, Facebook stock prices went down to criticize how the company was going to face it; regulates the use of his platform with Russian officials in their efforts to influence US president elections. Apple was shot last week because investors were worried about selling the iPhone

"This is part of a normal constitutional process. It will take a while before we get out," said Bruce McCain, chief engineer of investment at the Private Private Town. "But because the economy is growing well and the jobs are growing, we have the opportunity to reach a new height" between its & # 39; first and second quarter of 2019, he says. "It's a difficult time, there's a lot to worry about you. But as long as the economy remains strong, we need to be right," McCain said.

Monday's schedule shift comes to highlight the worst week of Thanksgiving in 2011, as sales from technological stocks and oil prices have put traders into dangerous settlement. Only Friday's oil price fell by 8%.

Book of Scotland General Motors 4% rose after their company announced plans for cutting in a number of factories and the number of staff decreased by 15%. The conservation plan has a lower cost of expectations from investors.

Shop retailers prices rose as the Black Friday online sale was $ 6.22 billion, according to Adobe Analytics. Stock sales sold up to 23.6% last year. 2F ETB (XRT) built SPDR S & P (2%) due to the growth of the GameStop, Amazon and L Brands.

Researchers also report their expectations with the Chairman of the Land Force, Jerome Powell, later this week. He needs to talk to the New York Economic Club on Wednesday. At the latest sale, investors were concerned about the future of the cash policy at a time when the bank was central to reinforce its approach. The deer are expected to bring up levels in December following a tightening of a cash policy three times earlier this year. Next year, the main bank needs to raise interest three times.

Reservoirs also follow this week's policy, with key issues such as the G20 conference in Argentina and Brexit. Chief of the world's leading economics leaders will call President of the US Donald Trump and his Chinese company, Cz Jinpin, at the time of his resignation. trade crisis between the two countries. at the same time Britain received EU support to drag them out of their block.

On the band markets, the product will have it US 10-year government securities grow to 3.068%, and to 30 year bands up to 3.321%.

In foreign exchange markets the dollar index, which values ​​the value of US dollars in the face of a basket of six main cash, increase 0.17% to 97.08 points. The euro decreased by 0.12% to a total of 1,3326 dollars per euro. he is yen the dollar averaged 0.54% to 113.55 yen per dollar.

In a reliable market, oil prices have increased as a means of reducing some of the losses; problematic in the previous session, although the uncertainty about the growth of the global economy and the emerging new signs was a little limited.

Income Measurement Brent 1.67 dollars reached 60.47 barrel dollars after falling 6% on Friday. Contracts on lightweight oil in the USA (WTI) placed 1,21 dollars to its value to 51.63 dollar barrels after the 7.7% reduction on Friday.

The Future of the USA gold you have reached $ 1222.40 each time.

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