Down I Hearted #: High City OH Home Where GM Shuttering Plant responds to news


Maraiche was one town where General Motors CEO, Mary Barra, said she would have her company; Breaking out on Tuesday "The Daily Briefing".

Barra planted in Lordstown, Ohio, Hamtramck, Mich., Baltimore, Md., And the Canadian city in Oshawa, Ont. to decline in 2019 with the Chevrolet Cruze sedan stop, Chevy Impala and other modules.

Market makers said that cars are less than the age of "crossover" vehicles and lower prices.

President Trump responded to threatening cutting money to MG.

Knock Arno, Lordstown's warden, came together with Dana Perino, and said he was "down-hearted" for hearing the news.

He said he thought the cars were "the best result" of the cars made in Lordstown but the market said otherwise.

Baier: Trump Trump in Mid American America in terms of closing plants on GM

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"We're hoping we're just going to do and we're not permanently closing to a plane," said Hill.

14,000 people say they are working at the Lordstown plant.

The Scottish Government, John Kasich (R) said the move was "real economy" but we needed to "care for the staff" – calling him a "sad day".

Hill said he is still supporting Trump and he's a & # 39; Talk to union representatives about how they will "plan" for their chance to come back.

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