Download Bill: Big advertising bug on Android has been found


It is shown that some of the Android Android's in Google Play Store are many more and more. Now there are some applications that are very popular with regular advertising emissions being abolished. The apps, which have a bill of downloads, will handle installation processes and tricks.

Emergency has always been a great way of earning money, and this principle is a business related to downloading and ad clips. Now, Buzzfeed News has identified eight applications from two suppliers in Google Play Store, which appear to have implemented a system of advertising system systematically. With more than two billion active users and 700 million users, apps are still very heavy in Playstore.
Cheetah Mobile Cleaner MasterThe Cleanest Master in the Portrait: Buzzfeed is the best promotional recruitment app
According to this information, there are seven applications as applications from Cheetah Mobile, China's developer, and China's Chinese-based Kika Tech has been offered one of them, who is now a chief in Silicon Valley and connected to financially with Cheetah Mobile. Continuing a list of what are named by Buzzfeed Applications with advertising fraud devices:

  • Clean Master
  • Accessibility
  • CM Launcher 3D
  • Kika Keyboard
  • Dr Battery
  • Cheetah keyboard
  • CM Locker
  • File Manager

Two scams

As the Adtech Kochava provider is determined after the applications are examined, there will be two thousand clicks that are used regulatively. With the name "Injection Clioc" the apps are trying to attract dynamic commissions for machine tools. The apps will be recorded when a user restarts an app and a & # 39; recommend that this installation was done by clicking on one of their own bids. In addition, the apps that have been installed are promptly started with the fraud applications to encourage the commission payment.

The second stitch is based on the so-called "click floods", where the application sometimes adds ads to advertisements, where the supporters are in a position; committed a highly high commission. If so, then an app will be submitted on such an exhibition, it can be doubled, so talk.


These are not just as possible because the bids require up to 120 individual access rights from the user. The Buzzfeed research has explored Google guidance. The makers of apps carry out external software components that are responsible for their behavior and express them

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App Store, Google Play, Android Market
App Store, Google Play, Android Market

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