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On November 16, the Da Nang People Committee reiterated its completion of the review of the implements of policies and laws in the regulation, settlement and use of state-owned property associations at its. Housing Administration Company (currently the Housing Administration Center and Da Nang Management) and relevant organizations, organizations and individuals. Through investigations, there have been many issues of staff who are no longer eligible for rent by a state, even in some cases they have had to return.

Lots of breakdown in managing and running. make decisions in town.
Lots of breakdown in managing and running. make decisions in town.

According to Disclosure No. 178 is signed by the chairman of the People's Committee, Huynh Duc Tho on 14-11-2018, by analyzing 1,324 records of staff who are in attendance. Renting flats to the state that the company's room management company provides (hereinafter referred to as a Company), and # 39; show that a Company is usually a & # 39; Compliance with the procedures for procedures and procedures for obtaining applications, arranging and matching applications; manage the use of condominiums. Consolidation and settlement arrangements advising between the 15 January 2013 and the 31st of December, 2017 will surely ensure that the regulations are. However, some cases are still unsuitable. In detail, 21 out of 211 requests for addresses for civil servants submitted by DOLISA are inspected by the Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs Department. 132 cases were voluntarily amended by the Company and the old ship building was removed from the address request (from one area to another, in the same area, in the same address). It is not properly organized according to its first decision of the People's Committee; Town; There are 25 cases of debtors 3 months (up to the time of the inspection), but the Company does not; terminating the contract and request for the withdrawal of the room; The Company did not add it to; furniture rental contract with 155 cases; There are 98 cases in the wrong place and it is not often the company that completing the contract, petition to withdraw the room and report to the relevant authority; There were 61 rooms in rent without the agreement of the Town House Committee (except the list of 1,324 cases where furniture servants are rented). If there are 3 cases in which the Company completes the 1.5-unit rent equivalent of a voluntary unit, the room will be released without the consent of the relevant authority.

In terms of the use of officer and staff resources in apartment buildings, with a review showing 17 cases of rented apartment buildings for others to get rooms rooms back; Out of the 10 cases, the headteacher confirmed that there were eight cases where the others were present, two cases were vacant and 13 cases were not reported on a regular basis.

In particular, in the survey period, 152 cases of household owners (owned by a man and a woman) were in the home during the time of the investigation, which are no longer eligible. rented social house (communion); In cases where the current employee (with the person and the person) has two or more panels at the moment and one case of the worker who has two houses but who gives it, give or go to; Moving to another before the inspection, this is not a very difficult situation, especially emergency housing but are still in a social housing policy. town. These issues do not fulfill the requirements on matters that will be assessed and paid for the payment of social housing owned by the state; 3 issues that are leased agreements are agreed by the Transit of the Town People's Town Committee on housing rights rights for housing, now they are no longer eligible for social housing; There are 250 cases of workers with 1 land design, with 16 cases that a house has been moved before the time of the inspection time and 20 cases with one or more land packs on the move (at home) Check-up time where there are no conditions to build houses or conditions for housing, but they still do not; The social and housing support policy of the town.

On the basis of the search results, the Chairman of the Town of the People's Committee; Lead of the Building Department to closely review the status of houses and residential land before the council is advised to have an agreement to rent a & # 39; rent in the town according to regulations; Review the issues previously agreed with their home to rent their flats and live now, if they are no longer performing the conditions, the levels or not; related to the subject to & # 39; leasing state ownership companies. Advise the Village Person's Committee to convert the room according to the rules (in which 5 cases are unqualified for the referee to be arranged as mentioned above). The Chairman of the Town's People Committee also gave guidance to the Building Department to coordinate by the People's Committee Office; Baile and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to continue to review the list of service providers who rent room buildings and their rooms; compared to those in support policy. Housing and land agreed by the Town House Committee again re-consider renting the furniture in accordance with the regulations. If he does not enjoy the housing and housing support policy, the Building Department advised the People's Committee; Town to make a decision to rent the room. Coordination with the Town Registry Office to review, review and advise the Chair of the People's Committee; Baile to make a decision to cancel the room that is rented or the householder with 2 or more of 209 homeland documents; Advise the Chairman of the Town People's Committee to make a decision to dispose of the furniture of 3 cases; A condominium residency agreed by the Town House Committee has passed the right to use land for the construction of houses and one case of wrong settlement. …

The People's Danang Committee Chairman also managed the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Housing Management Center and Da Nang Management; Agencies and units that have civil charters and servants who rent a public housing property; strictly surrendered to the Inspectors' conclusions about monitoring policies and law in order to comply with policies. manage, configure and & # 39; make decisions. To report to the Chairman of the People's Committee on the results of the outcome of the inspection findings within 30 days of the date on which the search results were made.

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