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On 11 March the two were involved in a public debate about Apex Legends on Twitter, and the topic they were dealing with was RNG.

RNG, as expected, refers to an unlimited generation, a system that is commonly used in pre-game games to detect objects in a game such as loot accident, status of events, event returns beats, and more.

The Doc think that the RNG should be deleted, which would be done by doing the opportunity. This means, in particular, that the same items will appear in the same places on the same map each time.

According to the Dock, such a change would close the image, establishing the interest points for a loop, extending the risk balance / reward for particular special items, and creating a stronger story for throwing and / or watching.

The Doc further developed his thinking by explaining how he would work in the early stages of the games, growing even more mechanically and strategically because everyone would be able to contribute. Find out where the highest curve is located.

"Maybe everybody is falling in with a basic device, low end, or anything," he said. "But with map knowledge, you would visit in a place with what already exists."

On the other hand, Shroud was not entirely on board with the Doc view, suggesting that a game's unique attribute could be offset without the need for RNG to be removed.

"I think it's just getting rid of the hot zones completely and making sure there are the same number of places that have been knocked out and down each place t , he replied. "Keep the BR RNG, delete all that fall into the same place in each game."

The Hot Zones which give an indication of particular interest are in Apex Legends, which indicates the approximate location at the start of each game as a designated high-power point, by promising to be a proper place. dangerous on land.

Although the concept of Hot Zones captures all of the interest points in the relevant map of the large scheme, it creates a mismatch between each game as there appear to be many teams select land at the same designated location.

At the beginning of each game, one of the locations named on the Apex Legends map is given its name as the Temperance Range.

Although everyone in the ladder has the advantage and the potential to be, it is unlikely that Respawn Entertainment, at the moment, would choose to make radical and radical changes to the country's existence. Doc introduced.

But by thinking that there is very little game, it would be sensible to expect developers to make radical changes along the line.

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