"Dr. Soret" pays 499.45 million pays in the SEC when he or she is; Spinning the Bangkok Air region.


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Report of the Press and Trade Commission (SEC) reported that Mr Prasert Prasatthong-Osoth was on Friday 8 February. Mr Pramaporn Prasat Thong Osot and Ms. Narumon Jaiyong have agreed to comply with civil proceedings. By paying a civil penalty 499.45 million baht already The report said that the SEC on 18 January showed that a civil prosecution was made against three offenders, and creating a price for company repayments. Bangkok Airways Limited Limited (BA) claimed a total payment of 499.45 million baht for civilian taxes and forbidden to be directors and executives of security statements and registered companies. News reports show that the SEC received information from Exchange Stock of Thailand (SET) and searched for other searches Over time from 13 November 2015 to 12 January 2016, Mr Prasert Prasatthong Oswal Mr Pramaporn Prasat Thong Osot and his & Mrs. 39. Narumon […]

The "Doctor Siret" role pays 499.45 million baht for payment for SEC sections in Bangkok Air.

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