Dr. Ümit Did you explain! Why are we so sick?


The fundamental questions we should ask "Why are we so sick?" Why are so many people there? "," Why do we see the number of patients and why not see that the disease is not at age? "

"They say many things about it. They say that the world has changed, the times have grown like this, it has happened. What they say is most environmental pollution. They say Enhancement of infection is an area of ​​environmental pollution. But the main points on our board, our diet has changed, the seed has changed, since the cure is on the table, and the poison is also on the # 39 ; table … When we look at each of us, we will take three to five kilos of foreign materials to give our bodies our food. What we do, we can not live without it, we can not live, drink, drink or drink any of our people, but what food is we eaten? Is something useful for us or Something damaging us? Modernians have no choice, science is unique, there are different ways It is a claim, but today's medicine is. it does not disturb nutrition, it's a & # 39; reduce nutrition to protein, fat, carbohydrate and calorie tours. He thinks that something is missing about stress and tiredness, and when he wants to feed, he & # 39; mentions feeders. Today, today's medical school does not just look at her; protein, fat, carbohydrate and burns. In fact, they are going so far to gastroenterology patients today, even gastrointestinal diseases, even when the cure is just drugs. Patients are in great colitis. They make it all the way. But until they do that surgery, they eat a lot of cure for the patient, just eat, eat. They do not. However, the most important cause behind the increase in disease, as the nutrition is going down, is & # 39; get worse, look at the seed, a & # 39; hitting food.

Dr. Ümit Mìnich Aktaş Why are we so sick?


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Dr. Buket Aydın in CNN TÜRK has been a guest of the 40 programs offered by Specialist Phytotherapy. Ümit Aktaş explained the causes of cancer enhancement in recent years and the methods of preventing cancer.

Dr. Umit Aktas, cause cancer enhancement. "Expand the cancer, because the nutrition was broken. The burden arose, because the environmental pollution has risen. There has been more chemical poisoning. Chemical surgery is now on your board.

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Aktaş also explained the methods of cancer protection:

"Nutrition can be banned by correction, because the cancer occurs, it is very difficult to handle. We have to try to stop it. At the beginning. A system of human and human immune systems has the ability to capture cells, and scan thousands of journeys a day just like a virus study computer. The cancer absorption recognizes and spoils it when it can be seen. The number of infections is one factor of the illness: the sheep, nutrition, the cancer is not associated to cancer. 80% of the cell functional cells are present in cell. Health system is healthy to relieve work. This is the only one to prevent cancer and cancer treatment .To support and strengthen the protection system. Without nutrition, this is not possible. "

Dr. Ümit Mìnich Aktaş Why are we so sick?


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Phytotherapy Inspector Ümit Aktaş said that all types of melodies are dangerous, Do not use a millenks of a mildew.

Aktas said, "Sugar comes from a sugar, all kinds are harmful. These chemicals are carcinogenic. But there are some plants too. They are not carcinogenic. They are also dangerous. If they are carcinogenic, they stimulate insulin metabolism. There are no calories, but they stimulate insulin metabolism. Insulin hormone is causing insulin to increase. So it & # 39; insulin balance break.

Agony who thinks of Aktas-colored ropes, "Do not have a sugar-based stalk, without clothing. Do not worry. Make yourself a palm tree. There are very good internet recipes.

Dr. Ümit Mìnich Aktaş Why are we so sick?

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