Dracula Ant. Deadly Snap-Jaw is made as the Animal as Fastest on Earth & # 39;


Sorry, wild cheetah and sea hawks, the fastest animal on Earth … the Dracula ant. And everything is grateful to him how he is deadly.

According to a new study, the Dracula ant, Icon for Mystrium camillae, it can provide its mandates at a speed of up to 90 meters per second (more than 200 mph), making it the fastest recorded livestock movement.

The anxieties use this terrifying, high-impact, 5,000 times faster than an eye banner, to attack other arthropods, arrest them, knocked against a tunnel wall or put them on away, according to researchers, published in a magazine Open Science to Royal SocietyThe West The poor raid then is transported back to the nest, where it is baited to berries.

"These divisions are amazing because their mandibles are quite unusual," said the University of Illinois, Animal Science and Intellectual Biology Scientist, who led the research with Fredrick J Larabee, post-executive researcher at the Smithsonian National Natural Museum; and Adrian A. Smith Smith, from the National Natural Reserve of North Carolina and the North Carolina State University, Raleigh. "Even among the berries that strengthen the power of their game, the Dracula campaigns are unique: instead of using three different parts for their spring arm , leak and lever, the three are combined in the mandible. "

Another type of attack, the trap-jaw ant, is also a & # 39; Using the mandibles in blink-or-you-miss-it speed to capture or stun prey and to fight with otherts. But the powerful power of trap-jaw disappeared from an open, long location & # 39; s Dracula is a bit that prompts the mandibles by a & # 39; pushing together the proposals, giving them spring with an inner pressure that will be released when one mandible moves over the other, similar to a human race climb, the researchers said .

"Scientists have described many different ways that reduce spring in hatches, but one did not know at a comparative distance in each of these ways," said Larabee. "We needed to use very fast cameras to see all the move. We also used a ray-ray technology to see their anatomy in three dimensions, to gain a better understanding of how the moving work. "

Scientist and biological expert expert Andrew Suarez and his colleagues studied distance learning and reflective features of the Dracula ant. (Photograph of Credit: L. Brian Stauffer)

From the beginning to the end, the action will take 0.000015 seconds, and # 39; ranging from zero to about 320 km / h (198 meters) in a block of weather

The research team also made computing symbols of the Dracula Dromula Dental Devices to test how the structure and mandatory characteristics of the mandadan influenced the bend power.

"Our main products are the fastest jumps of the fastest jobs, and the fastest moving moment that is now known," said Larabee.

This species of Dracula drugs has been found mostly in Australia, tropical Africa and south-eastern Asia. They rarely appear when they are in a while; live in large underground colonies, or enter tree trunks. Their name did not come from the textiles, but from their very unusual feeding habits. They use a type of "implied speech", which is " hole ingestion and feeding on the hemolymph ("blood" micro-flies of puppies and larvae and its own colonies).

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