Dragasagis in the House: The mortgage bomb rises quickly in AirBnb!


Published: 28.03.2019 | 15:45

Newsit News

With a mortgage bomb, Yannis Dragasakis is similar to the rapid increase in the type of rental rent on the real-time, AirBnb.

The Deputy First Minister and Minister for Economy and Development, speaking to the House, commenting on the recent move to protect their first home from red loans, warned if the Bord proceeded at the same time. It was encouraging that a significant increase in the housing problem could be seen. t

However, Mr Dragasagis has brought attention to the government's "incompetent" report for many years, but SYRIZA again won the elections because the world knows if it is just SYRIZA.

Describing the change she said it was his intention serving the lender, reducing red loans, and pointing out that Greece has the highest index in Europe, as we have 40% red loans when the European rate is 3-4 t %.

The Deputy First Minister Yiannis Dragasagis also mentioned the need for a subsidized subsidy program and stressed the need to realize housing need, which needs to be addressed further. vitality.

Once again he decided to delay the settlement of the various interests, and felt that SYRIZA would also win the next.

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