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Tuesday, November 27, 1818 16:08 PM (GMT + 7)

Quang Hai has drunk to play a team in most of the final stages of the AFF Cup 2018. But when he returned to the familiar place, Quang Hai is still at a general risk.

The performance of Quang Hai against Cambodia (Copyright Rights, broadcast by VTC)

Quang Hai sacrifice

From U23 Asia earlier this year to ASIAD 2018, Nguyen Quang Hai traveled several times. In the first part of the year, he broke out wildly, almost as a scoring player, as well as the year's football player. But in the 2016 ASI, after your Hung Dung was severely damaged, Quang Hai needed to fill the gap. And he is still playing well in the new post.

Quang Hai plays as Xavi to & # 39; hiding in the middle of the park, the beat of Philippine - 1

Quang Hai (red shirt) full integrity

It is so incapable of Quang Hai to suggest that Park Hang is used to coach the "V-League 2018 Best Young Player" coach; midfielder. At the end of the AFF Cup 2018 group, Park and Quang Hai are still on the right road.

At the beginning of Malaysia and Myanmar, Quang Hai can be small enough to meet potentially better players and the game also has a " focus on strength, but with flexibility, flexibility and inconvenience, it ensures that the requirements are constantly good.

But from the 3-0 victory over Cambodia in the last round of AFF Cup, this is the most obvious evidence that Nguyen Quang Hai is the best thing when he returns to the place where he is. That is the number 10 – which plays the nuclear spot on the way to Vietnam's ball, there are sections that have a " Memories of the famous Barcelona art gallery in Xavi.

Cambodia in the last round of tickets to her & # 39; Final, Quang Hai was selected as the best player. The "Golden Stars" is the midfielder of 21 years of age. The creativity created by Quang Hai always sent together his companions in a favorable situation. And Quang Hai himself is more serious in this situation than in every other place.

Calculate Mr Park's long distance

In the last couple of Chup 2018 AFF, fans have not been able to see Nguyen Quang Hai who is a is increasingly growing in Asia U23 or in an excellent format of ASIAD 2018. But Park Hang is clearly coach of these reasons. when I use Quang Hai in that situation.

Quang Hai plays as Xavi to & # 39; hiding in the middle of the park, beat the Philippines - 2

Hang Park is here ready to release Quang Hai?

The exact timing of the middle of the middle of Vietnam is a very accurate record. However, Huy Hung has a problem, Hung Hung. At the same time, Vietnam Phone is actively activating anti-defensive play when it is; meet challenging challenges.

And most of them, Coach Park This is what does not want to "break" to appear soon. Holding Quang Hai is near the center of the center as a way to Park to be amazed at their opponents as they do; Going into the halves, even final. And it's when Quang Hai returned to school.

There is another question, if you left your child, why does Park Hang This use Quang Hai in this situation when it comes to Cambodia? The park is worried that its & # 39; Using Quang Hai as a core player who makes the marvelous surprise, the talent in playing the player is unhappy. And he needs certification to make important decisions, before they meet the Philippines in the 2018 AFF Cup final.

Vietnam's success over Cambodia:

Quang Hai, Phan Van Duc and Tien Linh, everyone was specifying, but who's the best?

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