Dragon Age is a great task


Today's Day (11/18/2018) of the 12th: The dragon should be careful with each word because it can be a double sword for turning the people. The best thing to do is take a big day in the next two days, as a new job or financial support from a loved one.


Watch the extreme sunshine, the Rat may have many misunderstandings, causing you to have another look. The product did not understand that the story is in. to end, only the waves appeared.

The Aquarius for her car, how many times she was drinking, how many times he tried not to love her with her lover, such as a knife; settling in the heart, causing the age of deep wounds.

Today, the north-east spirit, for single people is hard to find a lover but still able to increase flower stream for the trip on this azimuth. Never give it ever.

Age of Tiger

You need something from that person but the hard way you can not get there. At work, age should be ready for the situation, even the worst situations. B design is never unusual. It's best for you to be ready to be surprised not to & # 39; going past in such situations.

The tiger changes well about thinking, live in an outlook as to how they respect people around. As a result, there are many positive changes in your relationship with himself.

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An Ox

The Ox people have the right to defend their fortune. The case knows that you need to save money for those who are unfortunate and so carefully.

There are similarities between the Turks, who continue to disagree with their views; couple. Everyone wants to enjoy the produce of their work, the enemy does not want to save his life but his / her; suffer.

The event must explain what it is doing separately. Do not always think you do not; However, the family needs to share two people. Good day, good things, there may be a way to neutralize.

Age of Cat

After the nobles Sunday of the 12th, Tional protection of the College is about love, and enjoyment in life.

But in the money, the fort is not as lucky. Kiep Tai shows age is & # 39; Rabbit is easy to meet bad things, money is lost, he can not keep the money forward despite efforts.

Today should be cautious for the Canh Ngo or Canh Rat, who may be the uncomfortable crime, and silver spoon of the clan. This person should not believe more.

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Today the youngsters are lucky days. Thanks to your supportive friends, almost everything you do is good on sailing and good results. At work age is also very respected and new duties have been helped.

It seems that the age of the Todd was feeling that nobody understood it. Even if your family member, friend or other member can not understand and share with you. So try to spend time explaining them for each topic, not to # 39; lead to misunderstanding.

Dragon Age

The country's anti-social society, this is a sign that the Dragon's love road is widely open, but only many applicants agree to advocate candidates.

It's a good day today, good things, so if it's a good day, Couple has confirmed that he wants to build a family, choose today to start the two families, ask the parents to talk a hundred years.

Genius also gives anyone the good news when money is not too heavy. Whatever you are a wage or businessman, you can make money opportunities.

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Ngo has more management skills than you think. Your conversations with people around you will focus on the subject of financial matters.

You and the person are likely to be too busy with work plans and personalized attention to the enemy. If you try to do time with each other, this relationship can not go on for a long time.

Age Clothing

Age Do not give up your friends in the past. Whatever happened between yourself and your opponent, you have become a new one. Give them and give yourself the opportunity to build good relationships together.

At work, make it best for you to move on. At the same time Mui should also take care to improve the style of communication with colleagues, partners. Be sharp and go to the heart of the case, go round the corner.

Age will hit some conflicts with friends or friends. However, this is a small problem and will be resolved, so you do not have to worry too much.

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Linn Rooster

According to the 2018 horoscope, the old days of his love are & # 39; affecting the life of the street. Although he hardly tried, he still did not get what he wanted, but by doing it. left quiet.

Kim's harmony to each other, friendship is not good, there is an easy conflict between two people. From the very few questions two can easily communicate with each other.

Single people can not find the person with her, to take a lonely life. You're trying to find a fun for yourself but you do not have any effects.


A spell should be shared with others. In particular, you should strengthen communication and build good relationships with people who can help you in a career.

Toccail, believe in the heart choice. It may not be expected to have the first relationships that are likely to grow long term.

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Age Group

There are letters, he feared that this is a sign that his / her body is mentally disciplined, and making the woman's emotional life to become wild and tight.

You and the person have been together for a long time, the idea must understand everything for each other but this option is completely different. At this time, accept breastfeeding, but revenge can be done later.

Gan Quan gives a warning about the beautiful facts that are out there. Their body can stress the age of a body to rest peace after an uncomfortable problem when he is not in the poor place again.

Pig age

Pig is likely to definitely have its own capacity. Although this is a bad practice here, it can not be corrected. Remind yourself to believe in yourself, especially when it comes to making important decisions.

At work, pigs today will work efficiently and effectively. At the same time you are very quick and reasonable and you will love. With confidence, it's time for you and your partner to have a common set of settings for their & # 39; this relationship.


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