Dragonfly creates slingers at Google


There are several hundred Google staff (and signatures sent regularly) to appear against the public; Dragonfly project. Published this summer, this project was officially recognized by its Google commander; last month.

It's a research engine project in Dragonfly, developed by Google to be consistent with the rules of disability authorities in China. The Intercept was considered to be & # 39; connect user phone numbers to their search queries.

Confirming that China is a " representing nearly 20% of the world's population, the Wired25 Summit's Sundar Pichai right was right to provide information in accordance with the law in each country, and provide information on better quality than at present in China.

" We do not face Dragonfly anything to do with China: we oppose technologies that help the powerful to do something. Break the most vulnerable, no matter where "write by Google staff writers". "

They follow: " The Chinese government is definitely not only to be ready to move freedom of expression and to feel sensitive to & # 39; breakdown on disagreement. Dragonfly in China would have a dangerous high status at an unstable political era, a preview that would make it more difficult for Google to be able to; denying reductions similar to other countries. "

Their demand to abandon Dragonfly is co-ordinated by a call from Amnesty International: " Google should be fighting for an internet where information is accessible to all, not to be able to; supporting the dystopian choice of the Chinese government. The NGO recognizes that Google finally has a search market in China in 2010 to & # 39; Express restrictions on online speech freedom.

In another light, this year's Google staff is behind their headings (in 2019) of the organization's collaboration with the & # 39; Pentagon in the Maven volunteer induction project framework.

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