Drake under fire for a kissing girl and a young girl in a video


A fire from an online banner stamping against a Canadian rapper Drake after a video that's a? show him to kiss her and her; A young 17-year-old girl at a concert.

In video, Drake has a & # 39; Invites the girl on their way during breaking at a concert.

After kissing her shoulder and holding her from the back, Drake asked the girl how old she is.

When she has heard, Drake focuses on the situation that she has; Pleasing from the audience, saying: "I can not go to prison yet."

"Why are you looking like that?" Drake said in the video, originally reported by the Daily Beast, a US-based publication. "Imagine, I had fun," the musician in Toronto continues. "I do not know whether I should be guilty of feeling or not, but I had fun. I enjoy how your chest is feeling the face of my chest . I just want to thank you. "

He then shows her a kiss more than her face and bills before she returns to the audience.

Several media report that the video is from 2010 when Drake 23.

Drake did not respond to the video or gave a public statement since he came to Saturday alone.

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