Drama – A madman is referring to burning out killing a traveler and injuring another 11 in Guelmim (Video).


In Morocco and, in Guelmim, in particular, there has been an accident at the moment. The village of Aberdeen has been destroyed by people by the beginning of a wild bishop, with a gun army, who had started to fire people who were traveling.

Burning occurred in the region of Tagna, the death of a 28-year-old person and 11 injured people, including 2 police officers.

According to a report by the DGS, "the individual has been arrested on the same evening after the elements in the Guelmim Shared Security Area have been included, supported by the element of the Divisional Intervention Brigade." They had to shoot the suspect, clapping his legs to catch the arrest and arms. "

The sacrifices were given to the town's Military Hospital to receive the requisite care, they added the same store.

The respondent was placed under medical supervision at the hospital, while awaiting a legal investigation held under the direction of the competent lawyer to clarify the circumstances of this act, ending at the end of the sentence. recite.

Article 19.ma

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