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At the first Cortège on Monday, Baselin had a horse accident, an accident involving a horse. It appears that the animal has fallen, as its eyes are writing on Facebook. According to the user Facebook, share a video of the event on Monday, the horse slipped. She cannot stand for 15 minutes and writes.

According to these witnesses in the same place more horses have fallen. It was surprising that there were no other animals. Apparently, the woman who put the video on Facebook is very unhappy about the horses that had joined Fasas: "WHAT DO YOU DO PEOPLE WHAT WE DO WE WANT t WHAT IS THE JOURNEY TO ISLAND, "she writes her own book, which spreads as wildfire. After about four hours, over 2000 users have been identified. More than 176,000 users have already viewed the videos after such a short period of time.

The Chassis of Profit has a long and contentious period. Animal rights claimants have been calling for a year-round ban to use a horse on the Basel Basin. However, the authorities have recently banned a ban on co-operation with the Trade Committee. To try out animal rights campaigners, a veterinary surgeon has been called in each case since his management of the animals used. Some of the horses, naturally disappearing from animals, are also sheltered by sediate so they can survive with some responsibility.

After a while the horse rose again. It seems good:
(Basler newspaper)

Created: 11.03.2019, 22:34 clock

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