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The bitcoin value exchanged between the world's biggest pay processes expanded with almost 80 percent from the beginning of the year to September, Reuters news sources named by caalysis search block companies. This shows that coding money is in place; strive to grow from a medium-to-a-tide source to very bad trade with money made by the state.

Is not enough technology

Monthly prices were steady after a sharp increase in winter prices in 2017 and hoped that the final final section could be used extensively in payments. This is the first reason; there. Many financial and funders have been trying to & # 39; best practice to develop their technical infrastructure, make bitcoin as a way of paying.

"Bitcoin needs to be stable if it wants to be a different currency. The bit that makes bitcoin widely available is its scale ability: can it handle the value or measure of the business Will money usually be treated? "Joni Teves, from UBS in London.

Blockchain technology, where all bitcoin operations are recorded and shown, can only make the small number of businesses that make big credit card companies second. This fact is to make the bitcoin application in the & # 39; payable.

Despite bitcoin prices to be confirmed in & # 39; month, even more sustainable than US stocks, bitcoin payments have been a huge hit from $ 427 million in December 2017 to $ 96 million in September. , according to Chaalysis. A survey company made 17 bitcoin pay editors, including BitPay, based in the United States. BitPay is one of the largest bitcoin payment processes.

Most of a merchant does not have a & # 39; accept the bitcoin to & # 39; Accept a code just, but they use intermediate services such as BitPay to convert bitcoin to real money. Full data on the use of bitcoin is not in a clear bill, since bitcoin transactions with other funds are often included in commercial payments.

Different data for each bitcoin payment process shows that the move is down. For example, with Vancouver-based Payments, more than half fell between January and October, according to the OTC block analysis. Lex Sokolin, director of global financial technology leader, said: "Bitcoin payroll work is steady but steady."

Can I do much after 10 years?

In the first decade since its inception, bitcoin attracts many different investors. Some people believe it is possible to re-fund the global economy by making it possible. replacing a traditional payment procedure. Others just do not buy bitcoin because prices have been up to nearly $ 20,000 last year.

Since then, a quarter of a lost value has bitcoin. On November 20, it fell to $ 4,200, the lowest in more than a year. Many of the foodstuffs that comprise a rooster fever also have a & # 39; plowed at bitcoin prices. For example, Nvidia's fast-embroidery producer is a week after the expiration of business output. Demonstrates that there are still more quick stockings that have tiny stocks.

This comparative stability of this year's bitcoin prices does not mean that people or businesses are widely used. Cochinbase CEO Zeeshan Feroz said: "It is a step in the right way of accessibility, and can start using a bitcoin outside a shop . "

However, the two major financial companies and consonant entrepreneurs show that the price stability feature is still not enough to be able to, accept bitcoin. Bitcoin needs to be faster, cheaper. In addition, to be clearly defined, management also helps the user to be able to; feel more legitimate.

Although management, management is still a matter for the future, there are efforts to improve the level of balance, or the number of transactions that the bitcoin network will handle each other, and # 39; going on. Bitcoin blockchain is added to an electronic network code, which helps to pay faster, cheaper. Electrical networks grow in capacity and use.

This week, the software network hit 4,101 or running software, based on data compiled by 1ML. This represents a 25% increase from August. Bitcoin users say that an electronic network is popular because it is a bit. allows them to quickly put together money instead of finishing time trading on the blocks.

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