Drew Brees of the Saints to make her case for her & her; first prize MVP


NEW ORLEANS – The most successful NFL player has been a single-person race for most of this season, with Peter Mahomes quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs, as an uncertain leader of & # 39; package. His right fight now on his hands, with an amazing thank you at Drew Brees at quarter Orleans. This is the case when a downturn is already rescuing and a team that is up to date. reduction with ability to send invasion. In a league where invasion football has been wild all year, that is, the Saints have to impact on the goal.

There is little saying about the behavior of the Stones' obstacles that were placed on the Philadelphia eagles. The last score was 48-7 and b & # 39; It can be a lot worse. New Orleans did what was needed across the whole game, with Brees working with the type of efficiency identified as a trade mark. He also reminded everyone to look at how well they were. He can do it when he is always chest.

Brees finished with 363 yards and four touchdowns but is more active as it has done over the last three games. He has finished 83 per cent of his tracks during these lines, with 974 yards, 11 touchdowns and no disputes for a team that has moved 144 points.

"I'm really feeling right now," said Brees, who's a Crime management that offers 37.8 points in each game. "I like my team. I enjoy getting to work every day. I am with those people. I care for them and I do not want to let down. I want to be as regular as I can to give them. I hope to put them into jobs to succeed. That's my job and I'm just to do my job. "

Brees is up to date as well as the highest traveler in the league at the moment (with a 126.9 degree). To find out how deadly it is, its & # 39; Percentage of 76.9% finish and only one translation to date (compared to 25 visit permissions). Mahomes has been very enthusiastic by himself, as he was at the end of a league in gardens passing and he's going to do it. Continue to go into the Monday night game at Kansas City along with Los Angeles Rams. The problem he says is that most of his / her best work is & # 39; coming in the first half of the season.

The Saints have just wins nine games just since the season season has been lost to Tampa Bay. They spent the same loss of Rams three weeks ago and just pumped the Super Bowl protection campaigns. New Orleans's three games have also been on the record over the next four weeks – an Atlanta Thanksgiving meeting, a Thursday night in Dallas and a Monday with Carolina night competition – along with a big tournament with Pittsburgh on Dec. 23. That means that even more people will be able to. Look at the brushes who make Brees every week.

This is not to tap what Mahomes has done with the Chiefs. The biggest reason is why this team has become better in the AFC so far. That just happens that Brees is the most holy purpose of being the principal team in the league at this time. He is taking the strangers to the next degree with the unwillingness of support that Kansas City has built on the convener of a second year mark.

There are two largest in New Orleans in Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara and a strong attack series. However, the Ninths are so familiar with a broad reminder after Michael Thomas that they have signed the signature of the old trader Brandon Marshall after they have lost a free free owner , formerly the Cowboys in Dallas throughout Dez Bryant, attack Achilles tendon Despite these restrictions, Brees caught the eagles on Sunday by placing football to unidentified employers such as Quan Smith Treasury (10 shows, 157 rod and one touchdown), Keith Kirkwood and Austin Carr. That is what we say to do more and less.

"I believe there is a lot of trust and trust," said Smith. "This game they doubled Mike. And he usually throws it to Mike because he is his man. But this game, he was responsible for Austin. He was responsible for Keith .

"They play a lot of continuity now and they play in a treaty," said Doug Pederson, Eagles head coach. "And it is clear that he starts with Drew and the way in which he manages the team and the crime. It's hard to get him, one number. out of his hand quickly. And as a person playing the job and who is passionate about the sport, it's really special to look at someone like that. "

It's been easy to figure out what Brees has been on & # 39; done in New Orleans because it's a lot more stable than it's busy. Although Jared Goff of Mahomes and Rams has made reelings every week, the Holy crime has been established in traditional values. Brees does not launch bombs as often. He was in his youth days. It succeeds more accurately with accuracy and error, and it's a & # 39; Clearly enjoying he does not have to create so many mental instances to move New Orleans.

Certainly, it helps Brees have two bad copies in Ingram and Kamara. The defense has also come from bringing up 48 points down to Tampa Bay. If there is anything, the Saints begin to & # 39; Looking more like the team at the end of the last season, when the second time in the Minnesota stadium was a fantastic shocking shock on the NFC competition game. Due to the fact that this game was played on Sunday, it is worth considering how the Saints can do it; get into the Super Bowl last year.

Over 546 yards total against the eagles. They kept the ball for 37 minutes and made 28 first. To find out how fast this game was to move away from control, just thought that the Saints had 232 full rods after 18 minutes of play. Philadelphia was only saved 15 yards before that point.

This is the case when the crime in New Orleans is shaking Brees.

"We felt that it was a hard game for many reasons," said Saint, the head of Sean Payton coach. "This is the first time this year we played a team to get lost from their lost. When you play the Super Bowl, a team that's a & # 39; supporting him corner, that was a matter of concern all week. I was proud of the answer to the challenge. "

Breton did not say much about Brees, who speaks of how he is accustomed to the Saints to be ahead of his greatness. How good was the coach that & # 39; Talk about a failure on Monday and her; Correcting errors, the truth is uncertain that he does not have to worry about his quarters.

As Brees said, "Every time we step on the field we know we need to earn. We need to go out and get to & # 39; the benefits and that level of points, within a framework-understanding understanding of winning football, football, converting the third dimension and increasing opportunities in the red, football field. "

It seems that it is so simple when it is pronounced like that, which also explains how Brees spent 18 years. He has won a Super Bowl, played in 11 Pro Bowls and took a record of league recordings (including occupational terminals, occupational completion rate and working rods passing post). The only thing that Brees has won is the winning MVP league. With the way in which this year is playing out in New Orleans, he will have an argument to go to # 39; confirming Hall-of-Fame being re-assumed.

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