Driftboard coming to Fortnite for a short time


The Driftboard material that was expected to come sooner to Fortnite for a short time as announced by a message into the day!

Given that it is named before the 9th of Fortnite Season 7, players are waiting fast to move a new move / drive in Fortnite – the Driftboard.

Despite there was a reduction in Driftboard players and assets, it is still officially published within the teaser images and a 7 week Weekly hoodie screen.

Stylin & Profilin & # 39;

Movement. Style. Flare. Put your own spinning on the game with the new Driftboard!

It is still not known why the delay was delayed directly on the Fortnite Driftboard for a long time. Many fans make Epic Games just to make sure that the release was released in a fair state to avoid a controversy like the Infinity Blade.

Despite being delayed for about 2 months, play from the Driftboard has been in place since mid-December 2018 due to & # 39; and it was a need for a mobile user Fortnite.

Epic Games seems to have made a decision since then that the topic Driftboard will make a limited period of time due to the design and its impact on the Driftboard. game.

The v7.40 asset files for Drift & Limited Time, & # 39; The Driftboard may have a special feature for this playgroup.

Driftin & # 39;

Land near Red Drop Solar, record Driftboard and some weapons, meet up with your team and race to destroy the enemies. The last team to win winners!

What do you have on the Driftboard?

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