Drinking hot tea increases the risk of cancer


It's one of the innocent drinks, you could say, but it is also blown with tea. The person who drinks it causes a lot of risk from breast cancer, a new test appears.

Tea drinkers who drink tea hot more than 60 degrees Celsius and who consume more than two large cups a day are 90% more likely to include blind cancer. Researchers bring this to an end after researching over 50,000 people in Golestan, an Iranian region.

“If you drink hot hot you can have access to thin cancer. So it is recommended that people stay until they have drunk the hot drinks, before they drink, ”said research director. Farhad Islami from the American Cancer Society.

Previous research has shown how drinking hot tea relates to the development of blind cancer. The new survey, published in the International Journal of Cancer, is the first time that a special temperature shows where tea is dangerous.

Alophageal cancer is the world's most common eightth cancer and is often fatal. Every year 400,000 people die from the disease in the world. This is usually caused by reviving the reservoir by smoking, alcohol, stomach acids rising and so hot drinks.

University researcher James Doidge believes that hot drinks can be a contributory factor in breast cancer. “You don't have to be a scientist to realize that frequent lighting in a body part increases the risk of cancer. Sunburn causes skin cancer, smoking lung cancer, and many foods and drinks grow as breast cancer works, "Doidge explains to the Science Center."

Source (s): CNN

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