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On the afternoon of 11 February, details from Thanh Hoa District Police, who indicated their & # 39; The main mistake in traffic disasters as a result of the care of a passenger car driver 98B-002.66 pays attention, when going to the traffic road. they do not slowly drop down to & # 39; going to traffic collisions.

"Currently, its survey group is actively coordinated by the program to assess the quality of new vehicles to deal with a complaint or not to object complain "- said the source.

Case of passenger car, which caused 3 deaths: Passenger passenger driver error - 1

The purpose of the first determination is that the passenger car driver can not control the speed.

Also related to the event, Thanh Hoa General Hospital said: Patient Nguyen Xuan Son (child drunk) patients and patients were treated and treated by the Faculty of Dentistry, the Hospital will proceed Co- surgical advice. The patient of Nguyen Xuan Ky (SN 1985) broke his C4 vertebrae, causing backbone paralysis, Viet Nam Hospital – Hanoi.

Ms Nguyen Thi Nhan (SN 1986), who only raised light legs, was released. Nguyen Thi Ha Phuong (SN 2007) patients and Nguyen Thao Lam Patient (SN 2013) are being treated at Thanh Hoa Children's Hospital.

The patient's patient Nguyen Thao Lam continued the CT spread results, the brain was not affected, but suffered from many wounds and was under the care of the Department of Surgery.

Before they liked them People informed about 9am on 8 February, on the NH1A section over Hoang Quy (Hoang Hoa and Thanh Hoa area), a disturbance between the BKS 98B-022.66 passenger carriage by Mr Pham The Duc (SN 1979, who was a ; residence of Kim Mac, Dong Trieu, Quang Ninh) and BKS 36B-2286 cars (marine blue car) under the control of Mr Nguyen Xuan Son (SN 1961, Hoang Quy, Hoang Hoa, Thanh Hoa). As a result, 3 people were killed in cars, 5 were injured.

There is a car passenger car case that leaves 3 people; Dying: Error caused by passenger car driver - 2

After the event, Thanh Hoa Traffic Police quickly scrutinized two car drivers, Nguyen Xuan Son and Pham The Duc, who did not find drug and alcohol content in their body. Thanh Hoa Provincial Police Police has decided to make a temporary arrest against Pham The Duc and he continues reinforce documents and evidence that clarify.

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