Driver lost his sleep when he heard the break


On November 21, Vu Thi Thuy (associated driver's wife) said she was very pleased to find out that the Historic Courts of the people were inhibitors at first and foremost. express sentence.

"Yesterday I heard a lot of information that I said, the two sentences will be expressed, however, I continued to wait until the night saw anything, a morning Today, working out, telling the story with the company, I do not know I need to tell my parents and relatives, "he said . Thuy woke up.

According to Thuy, all night she can not sleep. She will awaken up and her; lit up the night, and let him know about any new information about his or her husband's home.

The vessel was brought into the Innova car back. 4 people died: the insomnia from the driver's wife when they heard that the sentence was erased - Picture 1.

Two guardians at their first test

Previously, 12/11, speak to us, Lawyer Giang Hong Thanh, Giang Thanh Solicitor (Hanoi Bar Association), defense advisor for Le Ngoc Hoang (SN 1985, Cong Hoa village, Thang Long, Dong Hung, Thai Binh ), associated driver: "At the end of the week, we worked with Ms. Vu Thi Thuy's family to submit the cassation application to the High Court of the Hanoi People."

On the same case, Nguyen Van Chung, Head of Justice at the Thai Nguyen Court of Justice, said that the unit has all the system associated with its. Transfer of criminals "Avoiding road traffic controls" for two accused Ngo Van Son (SN 1978, Trung Nghia, Yen Phong, Bac Ninh) and Le Ngoc Hoang (also known as Vu Van Hoang, SN 1985, Thang Long, Dong Hung, Thai Binh). high level under the guidance.

The ship falls into the Innova car. Bring up up to 4 dead: the woman of the driver's insomnia when they hear that the sentence was erased - Picture 2.

After listening to the & # 39; s opinion in & # 39; Initially, Thuy has appealed to the highest level

In an interview with us, Vu Thi Thuy (SN 1989, wife of Le Ngoc Hoang) said her family went to a Nguyen City Thai keeper to visit Le Ngoc Hoang 7/11 day .

Here, the driver Le Ngoc Hoang thank his wife to thank everyone, to thank the lawyers, brothers and sisters; Driving around the country and helping those who support it. You believe in justice.

Also, on November 7, Thuy went over to the Thai Nguyen People Court who was judged on the case of the convener and Ngo Van Son.

The disaster involving Innova's car is a " Supporting up to 4 dead: the woman's woman's insomnia when they hear the sentence has been erased - Picture 3.

The scene of the disaster

Nguyen Tri Tue, Former Chief Executive of the People's Court, said in a press release that a group had asked the High Court in Hanoi to consider the order of the chief executive. judges.

"When the sound was so loud, we asked the Hanoi High Court to discuss the case.

We are delighted to welcome the media that raised the issue, but he has to come to his / her; decision must consider everything. We asked the Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Court to send us the file. The senior court in Hanoi is also under the dominance of the people. " he said.

Goat was supported into the Innova car up to 4 people: The driver's insomnia when they heard the sentence was erased - Picture 4.

A senior court in Hanoi is a sets out two judgments and judgments first and wants further investigation

Previously, at 18:00 a.m. on 2 November, after two exam days (1-2 / 11) and the editing, the court president read Thai Nguyen province court case . Appeal of the criminal offense against the two defendants Ngo Van Son (SN 1978, Trung Nghia, Yen Phong, Bac Ninh) and Le Ngoc Hoang is another name Vu Van Hoang, SN 1985, Thang Long, Dong Hung, Thai Binh).

HĐXX said that Hoang did not care, not to; reduce safe distance and so when two cars are separated by a 30m machine detected back and broke brakes. This is broken to & # 39; Shared Sharing Letter 91 for a distance between two vehicles; He was to send & # 39; he blamed himself for being too confident.

However, the panel found that it was essential to reduce the penalty for the promotion of the defendants, return to society. So, the court gave dinner to Ngo Van Son to nine years in prison, one year reduction compared to the # 39; first place; Le Ngoc Thanh was convicted to 6 years imprisonment, 2 years off from the first place.

In terms of his civilian part, find his & her; court that he would have to spoil a ruined family. A 2/3 son of suspects, one-third of Houng's son; Including total compensation for damages.

According to the official document, on the morning of 11/11/2016, driver of Ngo Van Son, Toyota Inova carriage of BKS: 99A – 142.53 a & # 39; Conducting 10 guests transferring from Bac Ninh to his / her; town. Thai Nguyen (Thai Nguyen province) for weddings.

At 15:30 p.m., on the same day, when traveling by leaving the roadway at Yen Binh's road (Pho Yen town, Thai Nguyen province), the man recommended for a guide. At that time, the defendant turned off to turn south, and drive to her; car on the right of the road to the child to proceed as a result of a car illness.

Then, the son turned back to Thai Nguyen – Ha Noi wanted to enter Yen Dinh to end when the car was on control panel; car: 89C -079.17 drag builders with BKS: 89R – 004.65 with royal impact.

The crash left 5 dead people (one else died in 2018) and five others were injured.

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