Drivers, 17, will be taken to hospital after a race car that encapsulates paths and a & # 39; suffering at Grand Prix at Macau F3, News & Top Storytelling


A 17-year race car driver was thrown to the hospital after his carriage went off the paths and dropped in the Grand Prix Formula 3 in Macau on Sunday (November 18). A further four were also injured.

The German driver, Sophia Floersch, confirmed with clan organizers who were taken to hospital in an exotic state, the news website said motor races.

Sophia Van Amersfoort Racing's team of official medical report was posted on Twitter, saying she had a bone breach and had been conveyed to Conde S. Januario General Hospital for observation.

Videos of the online showcase racing that has been disrupted by automated cars on the right hand side when they are on the right. Sophia car softened suddenly in the air over the paths, which shifted another car with Sho Tsuboi, and, Fly flies over the racing barriers and falls into the fence.

Earlier messages, she lost control of her car and hit it inside the road wall, said.

An early accident crash showed that his car was 276.2k.

Sophia is seen as one of the stars that came into motor motors, and before it had been in Formula 4, an open riding car division for young drivers, reporting that a & # 39; sun on sunset. In 2018, she started participating in Formula 3, which is widely regarded as a major step for hopeful Formula 1.

Tsuboi, two photographs and one marsh, who were also involved in the disaster, were alert to hospital. Tsuboi suffers lumbar pain and further investigation will be carried out. Marshal Cha Chant did not have a face bend, which was going to his / her; wall above and broken circle. The chancellor Chan Weng Wang fired gold, as long as the photographer Minami Hiroyuki was in a position; disturbing.

The riding road fencing was repaired and after a delay of more than one hour, the race was restarted.

This is the second stop in the race, which was first stopped as a result of many cars.

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