Drivers will review and repair the information system on D1 and D2 in Bratislava


The contract is registered for seven years from its agreement with its agreement; contractor.

November 22, 2018 at 14:32 SITA

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Bratislava. National Motor Company, a. s. (NDS) wants to develop and achieve the information system of D1 and D2 road bridges in the Bratislava area.

These are the sections D1 Pečňa – Vajnory and D2 Lamač – the Slovak Republic state territories with Hungary within the scope of the Bratislava Administration and Conservation Center.

The cost of a 19.95 mile estimate contract. euro including a value added tax (EUR 23.94 million and VAT included).

As it comes from a public offer, the contract is scheduled for seven years from a contract agreement with the provider, two years for construction and five years for a guarantee service.

The date for applications submitted and opened in December 17, should be valid until 31 October, 2019.

Tenderers must, for example, confirm that contracts for the provision of an information system on railways and access routes to a EUR 6 million decision is at EUR 6 million; least to give VAT. The NDS also wants hundreds of illnesses to secure it.

At the same time, motorists have called for the launch of a tender to repair the HIASA accident safety devices on their respective roads. in the report.

It will be corrected for a part of duplicate or replacing these devices when they are made consistently. The estimated contract value for four years is 1 million. EUR to include VAT (1.2 million EUR with VAT).

The date for submission of applications and the opening of 21 December, the minimum commitment period is up to 21 December, 2019.

One of the terms of delivery of the delivery of the savings over the three years before the tender statement is in a total of half million euros, without VAT, with at least one contract with at least one hundred thousand without VAT to be included. The security is needed for 30,000 euros.

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