DriveSavers says that it can plug into any iPhone with any lock


DriveSavers is a data revitalization company that & # 39; new service advertising which says it can get sensitive data from a locked digital phone, and especially protect iOS devices. The company's service, known as Passcode Lockout Data Recovery, is advertised for regular users and does not appear to be designed for legal or other legal activity of official cybersecurity. However The name able to prove the effectiveness of the machine directly, and the offer opposes many commitments made by Apple about security protection.

"The first-class service is only offered to users who have forgotten tools password, have been locked up after too many attempts, and those who need access to data stored on a family member of a late family, "can read a press release; company. "Other companies that offer a similar service are only the law enforcement. DriveSavers is the first to offer a Service Lockout Code Regeneration service to users. DriveSavers service is available for legal enforcement and proof of property must be opened before the opening of a device. "

By e-mail to The name, the DriveSavers speaker says that the service costs $ 3,900 per device, but its device is $ 3,900. The company says that you will return your phone or open your tablet. "Depending on the situation, we can request death certificates, probation documents, court documents or other legal documents. In the case of death, we will determine who is a state executor through interviews and documents, "said the spokesperson.

The company says that the service is designed especially for family members of the dead who have been detected to find locked devices, but it does not reveal exactly how to do it; It could save security protocols on iOS or Android devices. DriveSavers also has its service advertising for Windows devices, and many maker tools such as Huawei, Lenovo, LG, and ZTE.

In fact, these demands are a huge attack. IPhone is protected by a password code lock system that could not even FBI pass over its own, and # 39; Encouraging an incredible movement between Apple and its two-year group back over to # 39; Solvent iPhone 5C soldier San Bernardino soldier. (Apple refused to build a distinctive version of its operating system for the FBI that would include a backdoor. The FBI was invasive, but eventually dropped off the case).

That's because the iPhone code code is encrypted, so Apple is not even able to get on a device when it is locked. There are ways to erase the device by distance, but it is & # 39; It is anticipated that technological, pictures, and other storage devices stored in the sun can be used, at least not being used for a high level problem.

The FBI purchased a third-party company service at the time, reporting that it was up to $ 1 million, and the judge who did not know it; FBI's rule eventually led to the public that fear would have been used by foreign opponents. Despite this, it is believed that the use used is not; Used in that case is now working, because it was up to the architecture of an older version of iOS software.

There are ways to get iPhone information locked through iCloud by going through Apple directly with a search warranty, but it's not a normal way for your everyday users, and this is not the case if DriveSavers are allowed to have a & # 39; get. There are also ways to enter search data into a device through Touch ID, as well as legal procedures that they use to make use of weaknesses in how iOS can handle USB devices , especially the GrayKey hacking machine that uses some law enforcement activists until Apple adds a way to stop it completely.

DriveSavers do not seem to employ any of those methods that we know at the moment, but it is possible to have a single-type device at a & # 39; company that allows us to read the data.

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