Drop! HK Poprad gets points, he decided to direct a direction


today 17:05

Martin Belluš could not start for HK Poprad in a 14th-game game of the highest Hockey Hockey Hitport competition in Slobhaka against HK Nitra (3: 2).

The decision of the Supreme Ice Hockey Association (DK SZĽH) control panel was also confirmed Wednesday with the leadership of Pro-Hokeja, which is a guide to highest domestic hockey competition.

"The HK Nitra Pro Hockey Challenge is fully accomplished, which causes HK Poprad's 14th accuracy to be blamed against its competition rules with the start inaccessible of the game in the game. Because that is so strong, the HK Poprad collection will be removed from " Pro-Hocaidh Reports on Facebook.

HK Poprad gets three points in his game. According to the leader of the Richard Lintner competition, there were several other options in the game; This idea, according to, is & # 39; respond as close and as important as possible & # 39; is the competition breach of their competition.

The start of Martina Belluša was built by a representative of HK Nitra. Spišská Nová Ves originated in the 14th of September for Banská Bystrica against MAC Budapest (2: 0). At the beginning of October he moved to Poprad, for playing the duel of the same tour at an appropriate time against Nitra.



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