Drouet was convicted of condemned exhibitions


The Paris Court of Justice promised one of the biggest figures in the "Vests Jaunes", Eric Drouet, to a fine of 2,000 euros, including € 500 hung, for sending unpublished concerts in Paris way.

RELEASE ONLY – Eric Drouet harm was made by the car and the home of the Yellow Vest

On 15 February, the public procurator fiscal had been asked to have a prison held in the month and up to 500 euro against this 34-year driver from Seine-et-Marne. Eric Drouet, who refused the audience any role of the editor, was preferable to simple "relay" at the time the decision was announced. His solicitor, Kheops Lara, had been refusing a case "politically" and wanted the liberation. He said this sentence was late on the night before the Saturday on Saturday night, on showcases of the Yellow Vests, a move that was accompanied by a multi-genre application that brought the taxes to the fuel market.

He is accused of Eric Drouet's attempt to compel the 22nd December, in the sixth Saturday of "Vests yellow", in Montmartre, Paris, and to name his name. exhibition for the exhibition in Versailles, and for an event that was not completed on 2 January. On the afternoon of 2 January, he was arrested in Rue Royale, the 8th poem in Paris, in the middle of dozens of people with whom he descended Avenue des Champs-Elysees and a Concorde place of candles in honor of him. Yellow shirts died accidentally in the edge of his motion. Kheops Lara on 15 February confessed a different statement "for political reasons" and "instrument" of police and justice "to have an impact on a great social movement".

Eric Drouet will be tried again on 5 June for the purpose of carrying a prohibited, stick weapon in the exhibition on 22nd December.

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