Drums are famous for their drawings of EP 2020 certificates


Ljubljana, November 21 – The European Football Federation has announced drummers to draw certificates for EP 2020. Slovenia, following a league D break in the League of Nations in drum 4 , together with Hungary, Romania, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania and Georgia. They will be drawn on 2 December in Dublin.

In the final drum at the League of Nations, Switzerland, Portugal, Holland and England. In drum 1, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia and its. Poland, Germany, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Austria, Austria, are drum 2, Wales and the Czech Republic, and is the 3 throma of Slovakia, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Finland, Bulgaria and Israel.

In drum 5, there are Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus, Luxembourg, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Gibraltar and the Faroe Islands in the drum, and Latvia, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Malta and the Sea are in drum 6.

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