DSDS shocked! Carina needs to look because Dieter Bohlen is going to marry another woman


DSDS: here, Dieter Bohlen will have a great deal on Verona Pooth. And Carina?

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Hacking DSDS: Dieter Bohlen will always be kissed on Verona Pooth. Carina Walz needs to see everything!

Munich – Dieter Bohlen (65) is currently the jury leader of an RTL show "Germany has a & # 39; search for the story"The showcase has been running since 2002, but the DSDS version is still successful in 2019, especially young audiences.

So, the "pop titan" Dieter Bohlen is the name "father of folded formats in Germany". When I talk about entertaining a & # 39; age 65 years as soon as no one before. The modernist singer is an absolute proxy.

DSDS: Think for Carina! Dieter Bohlen is getting ridiculed scary

He has his private life Dieter Bohlen like cover. But on his Instagram account with 992,000 fans (on 9 February, 2019, 4pm), the musician has been an interesting today about everyday life.

As well as shortcuts and videos, his fans get 30 years younger Carina to see. The DSDS lawyer is willing to post bikini pictures of his best. Recently, Dieter Bohlen made a press release with an interesting message about making love with her beloved Carina.

Carina Walz (34) since 2006 the woman on Dieter Bohlen's side. They met in a disco in Mallorca. A couple of children are together – Amelie and Maximilian. Carina appears to have been the successful producer banned. In addition to his music by Dieter Bohlen and the women on what was done for a while in the & # 39; press. His wife also included Verona Pooth.

Pop Titan Dieter Bohlen (65) will be packed; Carina (34) Walz. The couple have been couple for more than 12 years.

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DSDS: Why does Verona Pooth marry Dieter Bohlen?

Verona Pooth (then Verona Feldbusch) and Dieter Bohlen married 13 May 1996 in Las Vegas (SA). After just four weeks, the 26-year-old was registered for a divorce.

Now, Verona Pooth (50) sent an e-mail wedding photo from almost 20 years ago on Instagram. Oh! Unnoticed on his 65th birthday. In addition to congratulations, his friend, however, has a great surprise for the birthdress child Dieter Bohlen ready.

"My gift is on her way … I hope you enjoy my new book," Verona Pooth writes to the post. And more: "Indeed, with personal dedication."

With the kissing photo that time, the TV singer wants to attract attention to their own new project: "Get everything, do a lot! Verona's Principal!" – The Verona Pooth book is featured on the market on 20 February 2019. Although Verona fans are happy, Dieter Bohlen will not be so happy with the book. Bohlen himself made his manifested "Nothing but the Truth" (which was released in 2002) against being the previous women. Verona Pooth was not really good at the Pop-Titans memorial then.

It is still to be seen whether Dieter Bohlen will even deal with this bad message from Verona Pooth. At the "Germany that searches the star", it will go on at least. On Saturday (9 February, 2019) from 20:15 the RTD DSDS 2019 clock will be RTL and it's definitely a bit emotional.


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