Duan Yikang talks about elections, a triple trip to her; town, Jinma, "overwhelming family," put terror on Ke P | Politics NOWnews News today


▲ DPP legislation, Yikang, spoke about the radio program's election, saying that Baile a & # 39; The North three-legged, and the "overlapping family" on the Scottish Horse Award lamenting the election of Ke Wenzhe. (Figure / Discharged from YouTube)

The nine-one candidate will go on Saturday. DPP, Yikang, today (21), told radio station interview, "Wave Gold Chairman", "Wave of the Coirine" and President of Kuomintang Wu Dunyi blocked Secretary General Secretary's Office The events such as Chrysanthemum provide supporters & Camppa Green suddenly returned, saying "Taipei's capital is three-legged." He also said that not only in Taipei will these three factories be converted into Taiwan.

Yao Wenzhi, a senior Democratic Party maker in Taipei, has been able to escape from being able to escape. leaving "Yao Baoke" after the election election. However, Yao Wenzhi held "Hands to defend the capital national" on the 18th century. Supporters of Camppaorm were very enthusiastic, and Yao also had a " badly reported the same day. The legislators have symbolized the decision to break the boat. Since then, Yao's control power has been open, and the democrats "leaving Ke Bao Yao" were shouting.

I was asked if the DPP's fear of domination was in fear of the "national capital defense" consistency. In the last week, Yao Wenzhi has enough support. Duan Yikang said "not only in the last week but ever." He also said that Yao Wenzhi had previously set up a support club for the six areas of North Town. Tsai Ing-wen and Lai Qing-of each man attend three sessions. "Which candidate will establish a support club, will the president and who turn each time?"

Duan Yikang said that Wave of Europe will increase its confidence in & # 39; Kuomintang and increasing its volunteers' willingness Champa Gorm. The 1994 Dynasty name was selected for example mankind. Zhao Shaokang was chosen in the election. There was a banner; New Party across the street, and even alert to the emergency about Kuomintang and the DPP. This situation is almost the same, and supporters have begun to move.

In terms of a Horse Prize rupture, Duan advised that the "Taiwan Golden Horse" and "transcendental family" appeared in the lecture. Listen to everyone badly. D & # 39; He started the North Ke Wenzhe, and the leader Fu Wei gave a talk on Taiwan's independence. "There's the same dispute, but no candidate for a Kuomintang County maker is talking, Ke Wenzhe talks about" fart. "

Yesterday, Wu Dunyi criticized Chen Jufeng, said he was unable to retire his chairman, and now he has a great deal of voice; network returned. In this regard, Duan Yikang said that he should be able to complain, to be sure, not to talk about the causes, let others be able to; Feeling that it counts the benefits and the losses, it is hard to see.

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