Dudu talks about the future and says he will not go to other markets


Considered by many of the competitors of the Brasilia Championship, Dudu is a popular campaigner who is constantly blamed by moving to football from abroad. On Monday (November 26), he interviewed the channel Sport and said he would not do Verdão's trade for a team from another market.

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"If it comes up now (offer), let's sit, see the best thing for a club, the best thing for my family. I'm dreaming about & # 39 ; reaching the national team, and if I go to market, we'll lose this opportunity. I did not have anything, I'm focusing on Palmeiras, I have a contract to 2022, "said the gameman, who remembered he left the team near the middle of the year.

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"When I arrived in 2015, I was confident in the Alexandre Mattos (soccer leader) project, to win titles, to reach the national Brazilian team, and I had to achieve these goals. I was very pleased with Palmeiras, in the middle of the year, he did not work, if the club needed me, "he put the fight against Palmeiras.

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