Due to the alchette, the whole family was above the police


The 44-year-old police attacked him when the driver drove home to alcohol. Picture: BoBo

As the events took place at the Koper Police Department (PU), Saturday stopped at around one in the morning police officers in Ilirska Bistrica on a 35-year-old horse-maker behind a wheel car and was confirmed by alcohol, or sank under the influence of alcohol. At the same time, his 44-year-old knew that he knew about the police officers, his weakness and his / her; threatened. As her wife agreed to the production of the alchette, she was taken to a medical examination, and her husband went home.

After the end of the inspection, the police took the driver home. When they arrived at the front of the house, the 44-minute man moved into the police carriage, opened the door suddenly and started hitting his police. His colleague went out of the vehicle to help someone. Then, the invasion's wife and mother came in and blocked the police officers to reaching the attack. So the police used a spray gas against someone, he explained the Koper PU.

Police asked for medical help
At that time, the attack attacked the police officer, grabbed his hair, and threw it on the floor. When he saw that the police came out of his car, he ran to the house. Follow the police after him, and the bully put him in the head and put the famine on him. After that, the police left the scene and asked for medical help in the health center, and added to it.

Offenders will be guilty of committing crime from a & # 39; attacking an officer at age 44, when carrying out security duties and his / her; to suspend an officer from working or appealing against an officer. Waiting for the & # 39; reputation for the inappropriate behavior of police officers during the control of traffic.

His wife and mother, who had translates in their workplace and his / her. blocking the police from a & # 39; help the police officer, waiting for a criminal complaint to stop their official work or disagree with the officer, and write them at Koper Police Station.

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