Due to the complexity of complexity, 776,000 children were not vaccinated


For a shortage of triple viral vaccineLast year, 776,000 Mexican children were not defended against the needle, rubella and buttons became the Secretary of Health Promotion and Promotion, Hugo López – Gatell Ramírez, and said There is a complaint already made by the Internal Control Group to find out why the dose was not available.

"In 2018 we had no vaccines, totally 776 miles against measles – rubella and measles – rubella and buttons, which are the two formulates that have not been achieved throughout the year The complaint is not against someone, but you have to investigate why our vaccination was not available, "he said.

He said that Grupo Phar Laboratorios Imperiales Pharma, who was a supplier of vaccines He agreed to prove that it was not the responsibility; not to deliver the dish, but instead of the Legislative Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Administration (Cofepris) out of the vaccine in timen. "I do not estimate it, this is part of the investigation and what the provider has argued."

Hugo López – Gatell, when they reached the administration on December 1, said that they had learned that earlier day a process had begun to complete their. contract with the laboratory.

"The administration that wanted to move carefully and tell us, this is our own risk, with X or Y we do not broadcast broadcasting and then put ourselves at a point to address the case from the beginning, but we did not know, we were not communicated in a structured manner when we entered on 1 December, We learn that 24 hours before the start of a lawsuit on contracts.

He said this was "Lack of prominence" leaving a double problem for current administration, "the vaccines were not delivered in June, August and October and then we have a problem of reporting to the Immigrant Control Group and a health problem public at risk of breaking the measles. "

In order to protect the number of children, the officer stated that he would try to position vaccines against his / her; measles in the most vulnerable communities, as well as getting more pain in a week; National Health First 2019.

"The national subsidiary of Biologics and Reagents of Mexico has a backing up of the Parastatal, and gives us about 554 doses with what we are doing right and Pem Pem offered us a loan from 200,000 and other fractions, we will be able to vaccinate and we are actively involved in receiving more vaccines in 2019, which are considered more essential to address gaps in broadcasting. "


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