Due to the head of his arrester committee, Shahjahan Khan was queried in the parliament


The parliamentary question about the government's decision to be Shajahan Khan is to command the president; committee will be proven on the prevention of road traffic accidents. Jatiya Parliament MP MP Fakhrul Imam told the Parliament about her displeasure with the transport staff.

The MP from Godganj from Mymensingh said the president was illegally illegitimate for drugs, Badi (Shadhan Rahman Badi was controversial in the Awami League) and head of Road Disasters Disasters Committee, Shajahan Khan, who said Earlier the drivers should have a permit. As a result, they know the difference between cattle and goats.

In response to this, the Minister for Transport for Construction and Construction Obaidul Quader said that the person is not important in this situation. Maj Gen Shahjahan Khan said he is an expert, and so he has been head of this committee. As well as when the name was proposed as head of the committee, no one opposed.

The government has a 15-way road accident control committee, run by the old minister of the Shajahan Khan ship. On Sunday, Obaidul Quader told reporters about creating this committee. Shajahan Khan is the acting president of the Bangladesh Road Transport Workers Federation. Talk to & # 39; The committee said, "We can improve the roads, we will control the road."

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