In Ribnica, there were 995 electors eligible for Sunday elections, and voters were relatively high, 68%.

In the town of Ribnica na Pohorju there are four constituents and in each constituency voter they chose a different number of saints for the nine council members of the city. There are three saints in two units, in one unit two, and in one unit of one town councilor.

An electoral vote error occurred early in the second election unit, where three town councilors are elected. The mistake occurred when one voter from this constituency constitued a ballot for his first constituency and voted.

In counting the votes on Sunday, the Municipal Electoral Commission found that the same vote could affect the election, as the difference between the two candidates in the second constituency, 3rd and 4th, was finalized at the end voice. So, the electoral commission sent the town of the vote for town councilors for the second constituency and concluded that the elections should be repeated there, emphasizing the president of a town electoral commissioner Marjeta VezonikSouth Westerly

Not to affect the product

Although its vote did not affect its output; vote in the unit of election, as there were differences, Vezonikova was there and said that the error occurred in one case.

His home electoral commission will meet today and they want a re-election in the second election unit, that is, in the Josipdol area. It is expected that voters' vote there will be on 2 December.

In Ribnica na Pohorju, there was also a widespread result for his / her office vote; and the previous master was attending Srečko Geč (SD) and Tatjana Marsel (SDS). According to unofficial data from the town election commission, the first 51.12% of the votes won. He made 15 votes more than expected.