Duke at Clemson football survey, November 17, 2018


There have been times in the tenancy of David Cutcliffe to suspend the Duke's football fortune against being one of the best teams in the country to have hoped.

Now in the 11th season, with the Blue Devils going to a bubble game for the sixth time in seven seasons, those days have long gone.

Duke with Clemson stayed in Class 2 on the night of Saturday, for his first two quarters, a member of the start of the second half with the opportunity to tie the game.

Although these Tigers were not, however. The Duke failed to get a garden on that three-game possession and Clemson put three second half shows to win 35-6 win.

"We need to finish better plays," said Cutcliffe. "I do not expect you to see everything I see. I know what I saw as a football coach. I have a great interest in watching team in the eye (Sunday) too. "

Duke (7-4, 3-4 ACC) will close the regular home season with Wake Forest Saturday at 12:30 p.m. The impact of that game will be affecting the Blue Devils arc game that & # 39; play in December.

Clemson has taken two advantages from another trip to the College's Playoff double decks. It is clear that the program that won the 2016 national national camp was slightly lower than the Duke.

Cutcliffe said that this Tigers team was "the best team we played since I was at the Duke from a corporate perspective."

Remember that the Duke played a national flag of State State 2013 in the ACA's episode game of that season and was booked 45-7.

Also remember, when Cutcliffe was still launching a Duke of the worst nations program when he arrived for the 2008 season, Governance of the national national case of Alabama. Durham and joined the Duke of 62-13.

On Saturday night, the Duke kept himself early. The Devils Gorm within 20 of Clemson were 20 on two of the first three of their first drivers but they did not; They can reach their border. A pair of 6-0 field objectives gave the Duke a case.

Clemson did not use in the first season but a 75-yard drift driver in the second quarter, which ended with a 2-yard Tavien Feast heat, the Tigers put on to good at 7-6.

Clemson led 14-6 at half-time but the largest team over the last two quarters was to roll out to his / her; win.

Cutcliffe left a catching room after playing his team capable of removing many things.

"We need to heal our injuries," he said. "We need to play Wake Forest. If we do not play better than playing outside there, we will not affect them."

The Duke played the second game after each other without an ACC follower, Joe Giles-Harris, who is outside with a knee-related connection. It is hoped that Giles-Harris can return for the Wake Forest game.

During his game, Ben Humphreys opposed her; Raising the same poor guy who lost losing 54-45 in Pittsburgh on October 27. Humphreys played during the wound of the last two games but was helped from the second half field at Clemson and he did not return. Its status is not known for the Wake Forest game.

Brandon Hill started back in the place of Giles-Harris but was disbanded in the second verse when punished for long-term focusing on & # 39; as he was attacking special teams.

Two defenses begin when the season started, the protection tool Edgar Cerenord and ACG counterpart Marc Gilbert, have completed a wound to end-season.

These injuries have taken a charge on the defense of the Duke, indeed.

But Cutcliffe would not be used as an excuse for Clemson's second half of his team's play.

"We did not hit it too," said Cutcliffe. "We took up explosives that we did not give up. We had people there. You should not take it up."

Due to crime, the Duke created full full-time 262 lists and, for the first time this season, failed to visit to visit In the last nine quarters, the Duke had three games but did not hit a visitor event.

The Dev Devon had only two opportunities to come to Clemson's boundary.

After cleming Clemson 23 in a fast game, the Duchess arrested a punished penalty kick Robert Kraeling first dropped the driver back before Collin Wareham knocked a 34-yard backpack.

The Duke's next drift began at 49 years after Tigers piping, giving the Blue Devils a great opportunity to go to; start early.

Run back, Deon Jackson's 22-runner ran to Duke to the Clemson 29. Tigers cornerback A.J. Terrell's anti-defense penalty was long-term protection & while he was defending the retiree of the Duke Chris Taylor on third-and-13 advanced Devils of the Blue Devils to Clemson 18.

The boss on Daniel Jones ran six rods to the Tigers 12 but was thrown for a 2-yard loss with Clemson Dexter Lawrence's defense boundary on the next play. Tre Lamar's re-bandage on Jones was brought into trouble with a whirlwind totally sunk down before the Duke's 6-0 Wareham 6-0 visit.

The Blue Devils can not make an impression but what one or two of these tribes would make.

"I think it would have changed things," said Jones. "Against a good team you need to focus on the red zone when you're looking for rubbish. It's a thing we need to look forward."

In fact, how the Blue Devils would play after half-time, it might not have been a & # 39; make Clemson use of her but most attractive.

"You have a picture," said Cutcliffe. "I do not know if it's different."

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