Dumbo Movie Review: Tim Burton Film is totally unveiled about the usual Disney House.


Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Alan Arkin, Nico Parker, Finley Hobbins, Roshan Seth, DeObia Oparei, Sharon Rooney, Phil Zimmerman, Douglas Reith, Joseph Gatt

Director, Tim Burton Dumbo an animated film inspired by the Disney 1941 animated classic of the same name. This is an amazing adventure film, with everything that goes into Disney's ordinary word, the story of a baby elephant, who uses an extra eyepiece from flying.
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Set in 1920, in a favorable world, the first circus cyberbullying, Dumbo is born in a captivity, belonging to Max Medici (Danny DeVito).
The circus industry is not doing very well. With listeners failing, Max is always in the joy of a tree. Meanwhile, Colt (Colin Farrell) who is riding at one time, who is now returning from World War I with an arm with amputated, is trying to re-establish it in his own right. circus.

Max puts Colt over his elephant, Jumbo, who is now pregnant and surrounded.

After the calf's birth, Max is very disappointed because the elephant seems to be unsuitable. With big and slow ears lifted, the calf will see it; Sadly, a characteristic of characters is called 'Dumbo & # 39'; attached.

Because his circus business did not do that, Max gives up his mother and son, to balance his costs.

Colt is assigned to look over the elephants, his children Milly and Joe are much happier than he is about. It is no wonder the children are developing a more meaningful connection with Dumbo, after understanding that he is able to fly. How they return the baby elephant with his mother, to shoe a account.

Although the story is based on the original novel by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl, a screen film captures the film Ehren Kruger with new Disney films; A hero who is almost an orphan, a legacy that stands against it, two little characters who do a double act, trusting in block-ups and councilors who are Dame to extent. up in the arms of the hero.

In this case, Eva Green is our French artist trapeze Colette who is trying to learn and learn Dumbo flying. Interestingly, the Vandevere cross (Michael Keaton), the Dreamland owner where Dumbo and the rest of the Medici group are to be held in charge.

Dumbo itself is brought to life by a lively, animated CGI that is going into great part in doing all the discriminatory actions and forms. The large co-ordinated eyes and the ears like the beak are very well made.

As a Disney movie, we know it does not happen to be bad, but it is still easy to be anxious when posed in dangerous situations because of a few unhealthy people who want to feed it. poor.

Overall, even though the film is hit by the adults, children are confident they will kill it completely.

Rating: Rating: 3/5

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