Durant: There's no real meaning & # 39; Kawhi to join LeBron


Yes Kawhi LeonardThe future is still a mystery over this season, Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant It is not expected that the Toronto Eunaphartaich star will accompany LeBron James on Los Angeles Lakers.

Durant, who is like Leonard's free owner in 2019, he told the Bleacher Report He does not believe that players who are able to control the play distance to be with James.

"It depends on what kind of player you are," said Durant. "If you are Kyle Korver, it makes sense. Because of that Kyle Korver Most of the crime was in Atlanta, and not a No. 1 option at all, even near. So his talents can benefit better from a person who can pass and enter and remove.

"If you're a younger player like Kawhi, try to do two LeBron James it does not make sense. Kawhi likes to & # 39; get a member in your hand, a & # 39; control the crime, and confirm the time with its requests; and how to play it & # 39; game. Many young players are developing that skill. They do not need another man. "

Distribution Trevor Ariza They agreed with Durant's assessment and he noticed them Paul George Re-signed with City City Thunder this re-season as proof.

"If I was a free agent, I would have to consider everything," said Ariza. "But my role is different than PG and Kawhi. They want to do different things than they want me. Guys like [LeBron], why would they like to play with someone who does the same? I can see why they would like to play elsewhere. "

Leonard said he does not see James as a watchtower for his career, aiming for the San Antonio Spurs concert in 2014.

"What else do I need to prove?" Leonard asked. "He put me on to the Finals; we came back and hit it."

When asked if he had nothing to do, Leonard said, "just when we play it, try to win the game. That's it."

Durant said he believed stars with LeBron, with Miami Heat or Cleveland Cavaliers, had to change the game style to change it.

"Kevin Love, he had to change the game correctly, to be an umbrella, "said Durant." What, I'm thinking, is worthy of more credit to change his game. [Chris] Bosh, the only way. LeBron is a player who needs to play with people who are familiar with how they play and play; game – and hunts. Like young players that are still growing, it will always be hard because it wants to; such a member, he wants to control the crime and he creates for everyone. "

Eventually, the NBA two-hour Football League said that the media circus that was going around James would be enough to prevent him from working with the four-time MVP.

"That lot is coming from LeBron around others," said Durant. "He's been supporting media. Even the beautiful writers are just about to be circulated. It's like, we're playing basketball here, and it's not about basketball at special points. So I find why nobody wants to be in that environment because it is complicated.

"Especially when the bull is aware [expletive] air, fluff This is not a LeBron's luggage; It's just the truth that you have so many agencies in the media that want to, depend on each word. Just out of the way and let's play basketball. "

Guards of birds of prey Kyle Lowry He said there are advantages and concerts in playing with the Lakers star, saying James has always focused.

"The LeBron Effect is," said Lowry. "It's a great deal for you, but it also gives you a lot of stress. You know what you're getting. It got that, but it's human.

"If you have enough personalization, you can handle it."

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