During the week, the euro was strengthened by around two hundred percent


The euro has influenced the German economy and weak data from the US.

November 19, 2018 or 5:53 PM

CHRIOSDUIDH NAD MOHANOM. The European general money, Monday, continued the benefits of the last week and continued to grow.

In late afternoon, he sold for $ 1.1463 when he fell during the morning to $ 1.14 for the euro.

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The European Central Bank sent a mark of marks on Monday at 1.1427 (on Friday: 1.1346) USD / EUR. This means that the dollar costs 0,8751 (0,8814) eorara.

Within a week, the euro has risen by about two points. The main reason for the dollar decline, experts say. On Monday, the help desk also provided for optimistic statements from the main German member.

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According to its Bundesbank, the European economy is the largest and most. coming back after the cold of summer.

"At the end of the year, the German economy could expand considerably again," wrote the Bundesbank in its monthly report.

The Euro-Evening also supported weak data from the US. In November, the surprise in the US construction sector was not going down, and it had a bad impact on the dollar.

At the beginning of the week, Britain's notes changed dramatically.

Observers said that there was a strange pound trading. The reason for this is the uncertainty about the outcome of the draft Brexette agreement, which was discussed with Prime Minister Theresa May.

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